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«Modern Persuasion»

The danish BodaBoda Duo feature two rebel musicians – guitarist Jakob Thorkild  and drummer Bjørn Heebøll, active now for more than ten years in which the duo produced six albums, including a recent recorded collaboration with Chicagoan cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm. Other collaboration were with innovative Scandinavian improvisers as Swedish drummer Raymond Strid and sax player Sture Ericson.

«Modern Persuasion», the new free-improvised collaboration of the duo with German sax titan Peter Brötzmann is described as a «kidney shock to musical conventions and standardized rules on what music is». The duo uncompromising, dissident aesthetics, inspired by the role-model of Brötzmann, challenge any form of standardization and uniformity. BodaBoda Duos version of the modern is to individualize its art, up to the point of making its music as a one-time snapshot. The unique personalized experience happens here and now. After that the musical product may be disposed.

Brötzmann begins the sonic assault on the first side, «The Beauty», with a stream on fast, nervous shrieks and blows while Thorkild and Heebøll enhance this dense and noisy attack with chaotic sounds of their own. When the three cool down mid-piece, Brötzmann delivers touching soulful blows, colored wisely by Heebøll imaginative cymbal work and Thorkild microtonal, atmospheric guitar lines. The second side, «Designed», feature Brötzmann in a tough, focused spirit while the duo encompasses him in a tight punkish attack of their own, suddenly the duo take over with a quiet, buzzing drone, resurrected by a beautiful, emotional playing of Brötzmann.

Indeed, a unique, highly personal experience.

Eyal Hareuveni

Peter Brötzmann (s), Jacob Thorkild (g), Bjørn Heebøll (dr)