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«MRST» features the recent work of sound artists Kristian Skaarbrevik and Bjørn Thevik. Though both are not playing together their compositions share similar aesthetics- minimalist soundscapes wrapped in ethereal electronics.

«MRST» begins with four pieces of Skaarbrevik. The first two, «Sakountala II» and «Cibele and Lucas», were written for dance performances in Brazil. «Sakountala II» is a gentle, breezy pieces with light, caressing percussive touches. Skaarbrevik tasteful slide guitar work on it reference the wide, open spaces sketched in the soundtracks of American guitarist  Ry Cooder. The atmospheric «Cibele and Lucas» is structured of layers of resonating, manipulated sounds of a piano. The last two «Solgløtt» and «La Ville Lumière», rely more on sparse electronics but sound pale and redundant after the impressive and moving, first ones.

The three pieces of Thevik present his work with monophonic and modular synthesizers. The three pieces offer light ambient soundscapes, clearly influenced by Brian Eno extended, ambient pieces. These pieces attempt to add an element of surprise as an integral part of playing the vintage synthesizers, stressing the arbitrary tone of the pieces. Still, these minimalist pieces sound as an experimental drafts, and again, unfortunately, redundant ones.

Eyal Hareuveni

Kristian Skaarbrevik (g, synth, elec, p, field recording, cavaquinho, perc, prog, 1-4); Bjørn Thevik (moog, modular synth, field recording, 5-7); Eva Eik Cottescu Vigsteinsdottir Vendelsen (v, 1)

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