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Discaholic Auction #3

This is the 3rd list of Discaholic Auctions.

Free Jazz, improvised music, jazz, experimental music, sound poetry and much more. CREATIVE MUSIC the way we need it. The way we want it! Thank you all for making the previous auctions great! The network of discaholics, collectors and related is getting extended and we are happy about that and hoping for it to be spreading even more. Let ́s share, let ́s make the connections, let ́s collect, let ́s trim our (vinyl)gardens!

This specific auction is named: OLD SCHOOL: NO JOKE! Rare vinyls and more. Carefully chosen vinyls, put together by Discaholic and Ayler- completist Mats Gustafsson in collaboration with fellow Discaholic and Sun Ra-completist Björn Thorstensson. After over 33 years of trading rare records with each other, we will be offering some of the rarest and most unusual records available. For this auction we have invited electronic and conceptual-music-wizard – and Ornette Coleman-completist – Christof Kurzmann to contribute with some great objects!

Our auction-lists are inspired by the great auctioneer and jazz enthusiast Roberto Castelli and his amazing auction catalogues “Jazz and Improvised Music Auction List” from waaaaay back! And most definitely inspired by our discaholic friends Johan at Tiliqua-records and Brad at Vinylvault. The Discaholic network is expanding – outer space is no limit.

We have also invited some musicians, presenters and collectors to contribute with some records and printed materials. Among others we have Joe McPhee who has contributed with unique posters and records directly from his archive. We hope that this will be to the benefit of both sellers and buyers – in these bizarre times of viruses and related matters. We hope to extend the context of the Discaholic auctions continuously and establish and develop the quality and excitement of it all.

To collect rare objects of CREATIVE music!!!

New for this auction are printed matters. These are all shown at the end of the catalogue. Some spectacular posters and also a unique bundle of original programs from the Nickelsdorf Konfrontationen Festival of Improvised music in Austria (archive copies, untouched). We also have unique posters from the Living Theatre in NYC. Original posters from the 60s (!) spectacular on all levels and in amazing shape!!! At the very end of the catalogue we have compiled some great posters directly from Joe McPhee. We are also offering some spectacular scores and books… and more…We are offering quite a few records from Qbico/ Lady Sinner Gloria. Records that are in many cases (but, not always…) bootlegs and released without permission by the artist. We are ambivalent about this but have chosen to offer the records at the auction anyway. Boots are boots. We are living in a time where Spotifuck and other digital platforms are stealing money from musicians and composers like never ever before and we need to be aware of what is going on. If any musicians on those Pinotti-produced records feels awkward about us offering the records in this auction, we will delete them from the auction.

Forget Discogs, Popsike, eBay… this is the Old School: No Joke!

Highest bid wins. That is called a “blind auction”. Ask for advice if unsure about bid-levels. Maximize your bids and let us be able to pay the musicians, friends and colleagues who have contributed to this auction a decent amount. As simple as that.

Download auction catalog at: http://matsgus.com/discaholic_corner/

Bids by email: mats@matsgus.com
Bidding starts March 1st, 2021.
Bidding ends March 31st, 2021.

One special feature is HOLY GRAILS, highlighted as: ”Only serious bids and trade offers will be considered”. These holy (and unholy) grails are all extremely rare and need special treatment and love. Low bids will not work well. If unsure- please contact us by mail and we can – of course — give certain guidance.

The list consists of both extremely rare and also some more affordable albums, please bid low and high! – Only with the HOLY GRAILS we will not really consider the lower bids. But, many records in the list might go surprisingly cheap. Ask for advice. GO for it!

The conditions of each record are checked visually and — in most cases — also by play grade. All are 1st / original pressing, unless otherwise is stated.

Please indicate your bids in EUROS only.

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