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«Remembering Cecil»

American guitarist Dom Minasi idolized pianist Cecil Taylor, one of the geniuses of free jazz and free music who passed away on April 5th, 2018, for the last thirty years but has not played him. Mimasi was inspired by Taylor to keep on searching and reach for his own sonic stars and he is certain that by now he came close to what Taylor has done.

Minasi’s homage to the late master, «Remembering Cecil», suggests his very personal free-associative and intuitive solo guitar improvisations. No effects were used, Just an open improvisations that are a sort of a summary of thirty years of exercising and experimenting with free-form playing. «It is culmination of notes that can be beautiful or (to some ) ugly», Minasi comments.

Minasi acknowledges that there is a limited audience for this kind of free music, maybe even fewer listeners since he plays the guitar and «there are some things I just can’t do because it is a guitar». But you may forget this introduction after listening to his four, untitled improvisations. Minasi is well-versed in several, parallel musical universes that constantly enriching each other, and just like Taylor, has his very own singular vision, his personal poetic language and imaginative instincts. His free-associative improvisations offers many surprising and profound insights, revelations and reveries about the art of the moment. And just like the experience of listening to Taylor, you most likely find yourself charged by Minasi’s uplifting spiritual energy. Indeed, there is no closer way to come to Taylor world than playing free as Minasi does.

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Dom Minasi (g)

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