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Jaeger Community Music 007 (2016)

Frekvens Frekvens (= Frequency Frequency) is a n new Danish, Aarhus-based quartet, led by pianist Mathias Jæger, known from trumpeter Jakob Sørensen’s Bagland group and the trio Elm. His quartet feature his close associate, drummer Frej Lesner, who also plays in Bagland and Elm, as well as in bass player Jens Mikkel Madsen’s I Think You’re Awesome and The Embla duo; baritone sax player Nis Hellerøe Myrtue and bass player Tejs Dragheim.

Jæger dedicates the album to the small town Vandborg on the Western side of Jutland peninsula and the serene outskirts scenery of Denmark, where he composed most of the music of Frekvens Frekvens debut album. His music focuses on qualities of silence and peace in the musical syntax and have a distinct group sound, often as a fresh update of the ECM Nordic school sound. Jæger compositions leave enough space for personal, even eccentric contributions, but gravitates towards a coherent unity, all weaved together as chapters in a long, rich narrative. These compositions stress a contemplative sense of time and an open, wide sense of space, full of modesty and compassion.

Pieces like «Skumring» (= «Dusk») radiate a sense of joyful freedom within big, open spaces. But «I Muld af sorten Sjæl» (= «In soil of black Soul») and the following «I Mørke Hænder» (= «In dark Hands») alternates between a search for a meditative silence and dramatic inner turmoil, as Jæger and Myrtue exchange leading roles in a conversational, emphatic interplay. Jæger’s gentle piano playing and Myrtue’s breathy sax sound is managing to bring the disturbing turmoil into a much desired quiet on «Fragment af Hjertet» (= Heart-fragment) and reach a comforting peace on the last, «Hjemve» (= «Homesick»).

Beautiful, promising debut.

Eyal Hareuveni

Mathias Jæger (p, synth); Frej Lesner (dr); Nis Hellerøe Myrtue (barisax); Tejs Dragheim (b)


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