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«Static I + Static II»

Young Portuguese, Lisbon-based trumpeter-sound artist João Almeida (he is only 24 years old) focuses on experimenting and stretching his sonic horizons The classically-trained Almeida studied with American experimental trumpeter Peter Evans while beginning to explore free jazz and non-idiomatic improvisation and has collaborated with many prominent figures in the vibrant scene of Lisbon, among them sax players Albert Cirera and Rodrigo Amado, violist Ernesto Rodrigues and American cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm.

Almeida released his first solo album last year, «Solo Sesions *IIII» (João Almeida Records, 2020, all albums are available on his Bandcamp page), and already demonstrated his fearless approach to the trumpet. The following sound-oriented «Static I» and «Static II» continues Almeida’s search for the unknown and highlights his even bolder approach to sound at all as flexible source material. «Static I» is a 30-minute drone where Almaida experiments with heavily processed field recordings – from a 03:00 AM walk between the metro station of Lisbon, Olaias and Anjos,  and editing – time stretching and multiple EQuing. He suggests here a disquieting and restless urban ambiance, with close and distant subtle metallic sounds, but, obviously, with a static atmosphere.

On «Static II», Almeida sketches two static movements through a virtual simulator of modular synthesis. The first movement sounds as a light atmospheric drone surfacing from the early days of space-music with its vintage synth sounds, but with richer c substance than the unsettling drone of «Static I» and with a weird appeal. The second movement incorporates abstract and static noises to its immersive listening experience and offers a dense, disturbing and much darker atmosphere, but abruptly ends with a clear sound.

Eyal Hareuveni 

João Almeida (tp, field recordings, elec)

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