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«Yakut’s Gallop»

MingBauSet is a new Swiss, Luzern-based trio exploring improvisation and song form, This cross-generational trio began working in 2018 and features American master drummer-composer Gerry Hemingway and young vocal artist Vera Baumann, a disciple of vocalists Lauren Newton, Susanne Abbuehl and Sarah Buechi, and electric guitarist Florestan Berset, who collaborated before with French guitarist Noël Akchoté, «Antomology» (2019).

«Yakut’s Gallop» is the debut album of MingBauSet and highlights an original utilization of both acoustic and electronic resources to carve a personal sound as well as a sense of place with their inventions. The album was recorded at Gabriel in Stalden, Switzerland in September 2020 and features six distinct pieces credited to the three musicians as a collective. MingBauSet mentions and quotes poetic texts by surreal French poet Paul Éluard, Patti Smith (part one of «Horses», Arista, 1975) and German poet Levin Westermann as sources of inspiration.

The opening, title piece demonstrates the dynamics of this unique trio. Hemingway sets the dramatic pulse and his wise, sensitive drumming work dictates the loose structure of this free improvised piece, enabling Baumann to soar higher and higher with her spontaneous and mostly wordless vocalizations while Berset charges this piece with urgency and tension. Hemingway’s extended percussive technique allows «Wind Shout» to wander between playful rhythmic patterns and noisy territories and keep challenging Baumann and Berset. The brief «Salt» stresses the imaginative and suggestive vocal qualities of Baumann, while Hemingway (on harmonica) and Berset intensify the mystery.

Baumann’s free-associative, surreal and sensual vocal delivery on «Only Echoes» triggers abstract, sound-oriented ornamentations from Hemingway and Berset while «Alice» emphasizes a mysterious, sparse atmosphere. The last «The Trans Siberian» deconstructs and reconstructs a poetic like a sonic puzzle and demonstrates again the impressive sense of invention of this collective as well as the wisdom and the restless vision of Hemingway.

Waiting for the next chapter of MingBauSet and a chance to experience these gifted musicians in a live setting.

Eyal Hareuveni

Gerry Hemingway (dr, v, harm), Vera Baumann (v), Florestan Berset (g) 

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