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«Olsson / Rubin»

Swedish, Copenhagen and Malmö based guitarist Henrik Olsson and trombonist Ola Rubin often opts for the more experimental pole in their improvisations. Their first recorded duo, recorded at Panalama Recording Studio, Copenhagen, suggests 14 concise and urgent dialogs – the longest is over five minutes but the other around two minutes, full of uncompromising energy and expressive sense of invention.

Both Olsson and Rubin immerse themselves in employing an impressive array of their very own extended techniques and often sound as mad scientists in a holy quest for the weirdest sounds on this planet. They prove that electric guitar and the trombone can act as futuristic sound generators and are much more than a string instruments (with familiar set of effects) and a woodwind. But Olsson and Rubin also emphasize their unique deep listening, have an eccentric joy of playfulness, especially in colliding and clashing their sonic inventions, and share a constant need to explore, sculpt and shift their dialogs, without attachment to common dynamics or clear sonic narratives.

Eyal Hareuveni

Henrik Olsson (g), Ola Rubin (tb)

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