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The third solo sax album of Swedish autodidact Per Gärdin – following «In Situ» and «Loos», both released on his own label Ibnmusik (2010, 2012), continue his experimental, searching approach to the sonic possibilities of the saxophone. «Gabo» was recorded in two sessions in Stockholm during the spring of 2018.

Gärdin playing here is rough, urgent and direct. He intentionally avoids any extended techniques, often sounds as emotionally detached but occasionally flirts with melodic veins. The titles of the pieces refer to ancient Indian, Greek and Arabic treaties about astronomy. Gärdin sounds in his element in this tasking, solitary art. He knows how to build carefully the tension, to play with few inventive ideas and even rhythmic pulses and sketch a loose narrative as on «Almagest» or the transparent and ethereal, «Aryabhatiya», the most experimental piece where the sax serves as a conduit of air air breathes.

«Yisizhan» suggest a meditational atmosphere, where silences are as important as the sax sounds. «Suwar al-Kawakib» sounds surprisingly playful and rhythmic. Gärdin concludes this celestial sonic treatise with «Kochab & Pherkad», titled after two stars in the outer bowl of Big Dipper. This is the only piece where Gärdin allows himself to play briefly in a clear emotional tone and express the lyrical essence of his solo endeavour.

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Per Gärdin (as, ss)

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