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«Radical Moves»

There is nothing radical in the sophomore album of Polish, Denmark-based trumpeter Tomasz Dąbrowski’s Tom Trio, with Danish double bass player Nils Bo Davidsen and drummer Anders Mogensen. Dąbrowski impressive sonic moves tend to be more intuitive, delicate and warm, embracing a velvet revolution mindset rather than an outspoken, radical position.

Dąbrowski busy international recording career involves playing in Polish, Danish and pan-European outfits and ad-hoc collaborations with innovative American musicians. This restless activity contributes to his rich sound – referencing the deep lyricism and fragility of Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stańko, embracing the melodic articulation of Kenny Wheeler and fully aware of the extended techniques of innovative American trumpeters as Nate Wooley or Peter Evans.

Tom Trio first untitled album (ILK Music, 2012) was the first one that Dąbrowski recorded as a leader. As on the debut album, Dąbrowski wrote all the pieces, short songs that stress strong melodic lines, nuanced harmonic and dramatic sensibility, still, never subscribe to a definite, fixed pulse but enjoy the freedom of open, loose textures. All the songs  highlight the conversational spirit and the organic, almost telepathic interplay with the strong-minded Davidsen and Mogensen.

Dąbrowski often experiments with breathing techniques and different mutes in order to enrich his beautiful phrasing, sonic palette and melodic articulation. Davidsen takes the lead role on «No Loitering Please» when he brilliantly anchors the trio interplay with a bluesy, muscular walking bass role that emphasizes Dąbrowski expressive, powerful tones. His and Mogensen reserved, spare roles on the moving, folky «For The Little One» and «Let’s Dance» contrasts Dąbrowski most emotional playing.

Tom Trio is an excellent working band, one the best platform for the highly creative, brilliant Dąbrowski.

Eyal Hareuveni

Tomasz Dąbrowski (tp, mutes); Nils Bo Davidsen (b); Anders Mogensen (dr)

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