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«Preparation For Sleep»

The new, sophomore album of Japanese, Osaka-based experimental guitarist Tsuadatta may bring his sonic vision to wider audiences and do justice to this unique musician. Preparation For Sleep is Tsuadatta’s sophomore solo album, following the self-release Another Landscape from last year, which the American label Astral Spirits may repress down the line. The album is released in a limited edition of 150 cassettes and a download option.

It is almost impossible to define Tsuadatta’s aesthetics. Still, it is clear that he knows how to weave suggestive and layered atmospheric or ambient textures with a wise usage of effects and sometimes even crackling background noises. But there is more to his music. He incorporates ideas from minimalist, synth-tinged music and sparse and mysterious drones and sounds like he is well-versed in the work of guitarist Jeff Parker, Chicago Underground and the legacy of ECM’s introspective sound.

Preparation For Sleep was recorded at Tsuadatta’s home and feels and suggests a series of gentle and cozy, small and serene movements to get lost in. The seven minimalist and meditative pieces reflect on domestic images and experiences like memories of a bird, a deep forest, or a misty morning. This album asks for repeated listening that would reveal the subtle and beautiful but also the deep emotional compositional aspects of Tsuadatta’s music.

Eyal Hareuveni

Tsuadatta (g, effects)

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