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Trim Your Garden — Discaholic Auction #6

Chief discaholic Mats Gustafsson and his many discaholic friends are launching:

Discaholic Auction #6 “TRIM YOUR GARDEN!”

A REAL record auction on printed paper.

This time, the largest catalogue ever: 294 items are being offered here!

Download the digital catalogue at Mats Gustafsson’s Discaholic Corner from March 1st.

Our annual Discaholic Auction. Free Jazz, Improvised music, Jazz, Experimental music, Sound Poetry, New Music and much more. CREATIVE MUSIC the way we need it. The way we want it! Thank you all for making the previous auctions so great! The network of discaholics, collectors and related is really getting extended and we are happy about that and hoping for it to be spreading even more. Let’s share, let’s TRADE, let’s make the connections, let’s collect, let’s trim our (vinyl)gardens!

We are very proud to present some totally amazing objects of extreme rarity as well as some really GREAT records of creative music in this catalogue. Music comes first – we like to have a mix of extreme rarities as well as some great music, not eating up our food & electricity budgets.

We put a lot of time and energy into compiling a really great selection of GREAT music and not just rare records. The ultimate is of course, a mix of greatness and rarity!

This list has some extreme LP boxes to offer. Many. As well as some extreme posters from the archives. The amount of Byard Lancaster, Evan Parker, Sunny Murray and Frank Wright records represented in this catalogue is bizarre. Not to mention all the Paul Lovens and Barry Guy objects…

We continue inviting musicians, producers and artists to contribute with records and objects in this auction. We have the extreme pleasure to invite two legends of free music to contribute with records from their own private archives: Paul Lovens is opening the Po Torch vaults for us and (hold on to your hats!!) – offering mint archive copies of most of the Po Torch catalogue. This is a one-time offer.

This is IT! All records from the Lovens collection are marked “PL”. Barry Guy is contributing with a massive amount of records, including test pressings and unique posters(!) from his private archive.

All those spectacular items are labelled “BG”. Johan Kugelberg of Boo Horray has thrown in some extreme objects to digest and to contemplate over. Check his spectacular lists of extreme printed matters and related: https://www.boo-hooray.com/ .

Magnus Nygren, Raymond Strid, Thomas Millroth and Arnold Hedin of Swedish free jazz fame contribute with deeper objects and Paal Nilssen-Love is offering something unique from his brutal archive (item nr 15).

Again, as always – our partner-in-crime – Björn Thorstensson has contributed with some absolute KILLING records! Sun Ra, Steve Lacy, Cecil T, Gato Barbieri, Bailey, Brötzmann, and Abdullah Ibrahim-completist as he is, he has forwarded some other INSANE records this time.

Please make sure to check the EP section out! We have tried to collect some really great 7” vinyls in this auction. Starting at item 251. All are of great interest and content. A favorite format it is, and you will understand why, when you see the present list!

One special feature is, as always, HOLY GRAILS, highlighted as: ”Only serious bids and trade offers will be considered”. These 31 holy (and unholy) grails are all extremely rare and need special treatment and love.

We are offering 3 EXTREME records of very high rarity and value: FRAMED objects.nr 95, 140 and 225. Rare beyond belief! These objects are highlighted for a reason. They are not likely to ever show up again. Pay close attention and please get in touch with us for additional info and advice.



Bid by sending an e-mail to Mats Gustafsson

Bidding starts March 1st, 2024. Bidding ends March 31st, 2024


As easy as that. Put in your max bid right away. Fingers and tone arms crossed. Ask us questions
and we can always give certain guidance and advice and send you additional photos and info
when needed and wanted. This is called a “blind auction.” Maximize your bids and let us be able
to pay the musicians, friends and colleagues who have contributed to this auction. As simple as that.


The list consists of both extremely rare and also some more affordable albums, please bid low and
high! Many records in the list might go surprisingly cheap. Ask for advice. And just GO FOR IT!!!