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«Vol. 3»
VHF, vhf#160

In 2017, the Japanese legendary psychedelic-mystic Acid Mothers Temple, led by guitarist-speed guru Kawabata Makoto, embarked on an extensive tour of South America. For its performances in Buenos Aires, Acid Mothers Temple invited the Argentinian legendary experimental, provocateurs-polymaths Reynols. This performance was followed by an extended, seven-hour studio jam that produced three volumes, all recorded at El Pie Studio in Buenos Aires in November 2017, with only minor adjustments during the post-production phase.

The music, as you can probably guess, has identifiable sonic elements from both bands but ends up sounding like neither, with surprising weightlessness that keeps things free-flowing yet in anarchic dynamics. You find echoes and vibes from the seventies prog-rock of Gong, but also hypnotic, even swinging rhythmic patterns, tribal trance noise, abstract and open-ended improvisations and drones, and eventually blustering freak-out eruption.

Acid Mothers Temple surprises with the gentle and sensual  «Smelling Oneiric Asado», that opens the second side of the album, with Reynols’ Miguel Tomasin singing and organ playing. But this volume concludes with the powerful «Lemurian Tsunami Inside A Hat», featuring an epic-spiritual guitar duel of Kawabata and Reynols’ guitarists – Anla Courtis and Roberto Conlazo. As on previous volumes, this inspired meeting produces is a leap into the unknown, a truly free Japanese-Gaucho cosmic-psychedelic music, shamanic and eccentric, ecstatic and untimely, beyond language and beyond all rational thought.

Eyal Hareuveni

Kawabata Makoto (guitar, piano, speed guru), Tabata Mitsuru (guitar, guitar synthesizer), Higashi Hiroshi (synthesizer, theremin), Wolf (aka S/T) (bass), Satoshima Nani (drums), Miguel Tomasín (vocals, Hammond organ, drums), Roberto Conlazo (guitar, marmonio), Pacu Conlazo (percussion, horn), Anla Courtis (guitar, rovelio)