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«Au Crépuscule»
«live at P A S»

Au Crépuscule is the debut album of the Berlin-based trio of Belgian pianist Anaïs Tuerlinckx, German double bass player Jonas Gerigk and percussionist Burkhard Beins, known for his work with Polwechsel, Sawt Out and the Splitter Orchester. Tuerlinckx and Beins have worked before as a duo and in a trio with sound artist Marta Zapparoli. The album was recorded at at Saxstall, Pohrsdorf/Tharandt in April 2023.

This trio’s format is of a classic piano trio but its sonic vision has nothing to do with the jazz legacy. Tuerlinckx, Gerigk and Beins are fearless and imaginative improvisers and sound artists who keep researching and expanding the sonic range of their respective instruments with inventive extended techniques. Inside the piano and with objects, with unique bowing and percussive techniques and with the transformation of percussive instruments into sound generators. The two, free improvised «Chimères» pieces, mixed and edited by Beins, suggest enigmatic and ephemeral listening experiences that draw the listener deeper and deeper into their alien, fascinating and sometimes even unsettling noisy sounds, hypnotic pulses and suggestive images, with captivating tension and inspired sonic imagination. You may want to listen to these again and again, immediately after the first listening, to explore its almost infinite sonic charms and secrets.

TOGGLE is another Berlin-based trio featuring electro-acoustic, free improvisers – Belgian pianist-sound Tuerlinckx, who also plays on found objects, Austrian sound artist Andrea Ermke, who plays on mini discs and samples and percussionist Beins, who plays on amplified cymbal, electronics and samples. Tuerlinckx and Ermke recorded before Stadthaus Ulm (scatterArchive, 2022). Ermke and Beins worked before in the long-established groups Tree (with synth player Chris Abrahams. The trio released a self-titled album in 2013 by Musica Moderna) and Cox Orange (with reeds player Jim Denley and turntables wizard Ignaz Schick. The quartet released Here or There, Zarek, 2020). This trio was recorded at Petersburg Art Space in Berlin in February 2023. As all scatterArchive label releases, it is released in a pay-as-you-wish policy.

live at P A S offers two arresting, hybrid electro-acoustic pieces, mixed and edited by Beins, that investigate the sonic spectrum of Tuerlinckx’s hyper pian0, prepared and played inside with an array of objects, Ermke’s imaginative samples and field recordings and Beins’ close-miked ride cymbal and live electronics. The first piece suggests intense and conflictual dynamics, but the second, shorter one sketches magical and mysterious, cinematic images.

Eyal Hareuveni

Anaïs Tuerlinckx (piano, found objects), Jonas Gerigk (double bass), Burkhard Beins (percussion, amplified cymbal, electronics, samples), Andrea Ermke (mini discs, samples)

Tuerlinckx – Gerigk – Beins live at Blechschloss from Jonas Gerigk on Vimeo.