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«Textural Studies» A NEW WAVE OF JAZZ
«Earthworks» RAW TONK, RT068
«Spontaneous Live Series D04» SPONTANEOUS LIVE SERIES

Textural Studies is the seventh solo album of prolific British sax player Colin Webster, focusing on the alto sax. These focused studies allow Webster to keep investigating his rich sound, as a physical entity shaped in distinct acoustics, space and time, often an abstract and noisy one, and as an evolutionary, elastic ethereal ingredient within loose textures while employing, obviously, extended breathing techniques. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Webster’s close comrade, Belgian guitarist Dirk Serries at Oude Klooster, a recently renovated old chapel in Brecht, Belgium, in February 2023, and released by Serries’ label, A New Wave of Jazz as a limited edition of 100 vinyl plus download option. Webster is well versed in the pioneering solo works of British sax players such as Evan Parker, John Butcher, Paul Dunamll, Trevor Watts, John Surman and Mike Osborne but has his way of structuring and deconstructing repetition, pressure, volume, percussive elements and other extended techniques through twelve concise and arresting pieces.

Earthworks is the third duo album of Webster and Serries, who collaborated on numerous other projects, and it was recorded at Sunny Side Studio in Anderlecht, Belgium, in May 2022 and released on Webster’s label, Raw Tonk. Webster plays here on the baritone sax and Serries on archtop guitar and the eight short pieces suggest energetic and restless sonic collisions that exhaust the extended breathing and strumming and bowing techniques of these gifted improvisers. Webster and Serries know each other’s sonic palette inside out and keep challenging each other with great respect and deep listening as well as adventurous spirit and uncompromising determination to keep pushing forward their sonic envelopes.

Webster and fellow British drummer Andrew Lisle released eight duo albums before Spontaneous Live Series D04 and recorded in different formats, including the Kodian Trio with Serries. This live album was recorded during  Drumming Now! 2nd Spontaneous Music Festival at Dragon Social Club in Poznań, Poland in November 2018. Webster plays the alto sax and the three improvised pieces stress the immediate, powerful dynamics of him and Lisle, alternating between manic and fiery assaults to more open textures and rhythmic patterns, all with great focus, raw passion and restless and reckless energy.

Eyal Hareuveni

Colin Webster (baritone saxophone, alto saxophone), Dirk Serries (archtop guitar), Andrew Lisle (drums)