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«Pfas off»
zOaR, ZCD 136

Doortri is an Italian, Vicenza-based trio featuring sax and electronics player Tiziano Pellizzari, noise maker-vocalist Geoffrey Copplestone and drummer-percussionist Giampaolo Mattiello (who played before with Pellizzari in the duo DO). Pfas Off is the debut album of this unique trio, suggesting its uncompromising, genre-bending musical vision, ranging from No Wave to free jazz, industrial, noise, hardcore and post-punk. The album was recorded live in the studio in April 2023 and was released by the label of polymath Elliott Sharp, who mixed and mastered the album. Doortri already working on another album for Sharp’s label, zOaR.

Pfas Off offers a collection of 13 blistering pieces that stress the subversive, anarchic spirit of this trio, as well as its well-versed knowledge of jazz legacy, especially by sax player Pellizzari, expanded with references to Japanese electronica and Minimalism. Doortri borrows texts of poet T.S. Eliot («J. Alfred» quotes the poem «The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock»), American multidisciplinary artist Bruce Nauman and British iconic actor Geoffrey Copplestone, all addressing the creative process. But the titles of the pieces also reference other cultural icons like Mark E. Smith (of The Fall) and Captain Beefheart (in «Mark E. Beefheart» with the lyrics «I am Godzilla, you are Japan».) or author and social activist Naomi Klein («No Logo(s)» borrows the title of her influential book).

Doorti constantly alternates between structured, melodic themes and more radical and free improvised forms, with an infectious and ecstatic, irreverent and ironic spirit, in a manner that promises an endless stream of surprises and a colorful, post-modernist sonic universe. The punkish, in-your-face approach brings to mind the defunct Italian trio and ZU who perfected this kind of attitude, but without the satirical aspects of Doortri.

Eyal Hareuveni

Tiziano Pellizzari (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, electronics), Geoffrey Copplestone (sampler, analog synthesizer, radio, vocals), Giampaolo Mattiello (drums, percussion)