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BorderlessSoutheastofTheNorth is the debut album of the Slovenian label Non-Aligned Trio and of the trio of Slovenian brothers – double bass player Jošt Drašler and drummer Vid Drašler who have worked together in the last decade with Norwegian clarinetist Andreas Hoem Røysum. The release of this album is also a dream come true for the label founder Mitja Hlupič who initiated a scene for free improvised and experimental music in the small village of Bistrica ob Sotli in the Southeastern Slovenian countryside on the border with Croatia.

Vid and Jošt Drašler grew up in this small village and began their musical journey in the local Sunday series of free improvised meetings called Sunday Noise. Røysum’s Miman trio (with double bass player Egil Kalman and violinist Hans P. Kjorstad) had a three-day residency at Bistrica ob Sotli, and during its meetings and sessions Hlupič, the Drašler and Røysum found out that they had common views on music.

Then, the musical collaboration between the Drašler and Røysum was born and the album was recorded at Kulturni dom in Bistrica ob Sotli. The title of the album as well as the newly founded album, as Hlupič explains it, expresses a wish to create a space for humanity and music. The four pieces suggest patient and lyrical, emphatic and curious dynamics that allow the music to develop organically and on its own accord, with all the musicians exploring their own extended bowing, breathing and percussive techniques. The trio reaches its emotional climax in the final piece «Voluntary Action» which corresponds with Røysum’s spiritual, free jazz works. The cover artwork by Aleksander Masnec intensifies this impression.

BorderlessSoutheastofTheNorth is released in limited edition 12’’ vinyl with a download.

Eyal Hareuveni 

Jošt Drašler (double bass), Andreas Røysum (reeds), Vid Drašler (drums)