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«Tøyen Sessions»

Tøyen Sessions is the fifth album of the Norwegian folk-jazz trio Gjermund Larsen Trio featuring leader-composer-fiddler Larsen, pianist Andreas Utnem, and double bass player Sondre Meisfjord. The album was recorded at Tøyenkirka in Oslo in January 2023. This church has been the trio’s rehearsal space since its inception in 2005, and Tøyen Sessions radiates the spirit of the trio playing in its home ground.

Tøyen Sessions was conceived as early as 2019 and reflects Larsen’s gift for composing engaging, captivating, intimate, thoughtful melodies that can capture listeners far beyond the traditional folk music audience. The trio kept its lineup since releasing its debut album Ankomst (Heilo, 2008) and its interplay flows naturally and highlights its organic and exquisite playfulness. Tøyen Sessions was released seven years after the trio collaborated with the Swedish folk trio Nordic (Salmeklang, Heilo, 2016).

Larsen’s eight warm, passionate, and touching compositions suggest insights into the time he has been through in recent years. Tøyen Session can be experienced as a journey through both the day and the year. It begins with the lyrical «Morgenslått» (Morning Song) and later moves to «April», written when the lockdown in 2020 was over. Larsen’s four children could finally return to school and kindergarten, «Sankthansvals» (Midsummer Waltz) and «Kveldsvals» (Evening Waltz). «Vintermarsj» (Winter March) was commissioned for the Winter Festival in Bergstaden, Røros, and is intended to be played annually during the festival.

Eyal Hareuveni

Gjermund Larsen (fiddle), Andreas Utnem (grand piano), Sondre Meisfjord (double bass)