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«Gap of Ginn»

Norwegian, Oppland (Fron)-based violinist Hans P. Kjorstad (of Frode Haltli, Marthe Lea and Andreas Røysum bands and the head of Motvind Records) and Dutch legendary cellist Ernst Reijseger (of Instant Composers Pool, Amsterdam String Trio, Clusone Trio fame, and the composer of soundtracks for Werner Herzog) first played together at concert series Blow Out! in Oslo. Kjorstad and Reijseger quickly found a common language while exploring patient melodious improvisations with airy and playful interplay. Their debut album as a duo was recorded after two concerts in Lillehammer and Oslo at Høyjord Stave Church in Vestfold in February 2022.

The unique reverb in this medieval church plays a major role in the mysterious, chamber atmosphere of Gap of Ginn. The ethereal, joyful improvised melodies of the violin, 5-string Hardanger fiddle and 5-string cello, together with the drone instruments – Indian harmonium and two shruti boxes – were captured by old, vintage microphones, just as Kjorstad and Reijseger let the music flow in its own leisured accord, with a few ornamental outbursts.

Kjorstad and Reijseger make full use of the resonant qualities of the medieval church but their beautiful and suggestive music resonates also generations of music-making from familiar, closer regions and faraway, imaginary ones. You can hear echoes of classical and contemporary music, Norwegian folk music and free, spiritual jazz. Their rich voices conversed naturally in deep listening, and with a timeless, emphatic and life-affirming language, gently and patiently, telling colorful, universal stories about love, peace and understanding.

Eyal Hareuveni

Hans P. Kjorstad (violin, 5-string Hardinger fiddle, just tuned Indian harmonium), Ernst Reijseger (5-string cello, shruti boxes)