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«Musique pour deux corps»

«Musique pour deux corps» brings together for the second time the percussionists duo of Norwegian Ingar Zach and Italian Michele Rabbia, following «[so-nò-ro]» (C.A.M. Jazz, 2019). Both Zach and Rabbia are known for their unique and inventive approach to percussive techniques and instruments, as well as to sound at all, and are using an unlimited and inexhaustible material that only percussion can offer. This duo employs the skins as surfaces to make different metals, wood and objects resonate. Both musicians add electronics to make evident some of the infinite layers that can be revealed behind the natural sound.

Zach and Rabbia manage to blend their experimental approaches, with their own array of inventive, extended percussive techniques, with effective yet subtle dance grooves. The eleven pieces suggest a mysterious cinematic atmosphere and all stress how Zach and Rabbia, who share the same instrumental setup, can create colorful universes of seductive sounds with minimalist but highly detailed and precise percussive touches and electronic sounds.

«Musique pour deux corps» tells an elusive and nuanced audio-visual story that invites the listener to dive deeper and deeper into the fascinating sonic universes of Zach and Rabbia. The highlights of this ear-opening story are «Typology» which introduces intriguing layers of noise to its monotonic dance beats; the longest piece «Joy» evokes an enigmatic, meditative ritual; and the suggestive, resonant gestures of «Memory Behavior» and «Zimbol».

Eyal Hareuveni

Ingar Zach (perc, elec), Michele Rabbia (perc, elec)



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