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«We’ll See, We’ll See»
HOBBYKELLER, Cassette #4

Martini-Windisch is the Brussels-based experimental duo of Italian tenor sax and electronics player Daniele Martini (who also leads a jazz quartet with pianist Bram De Looze, bassist  Manolo Cabras and drummer João Lobo) and Belgian sound artist Franziska Windisch. The debut album of the duo, We’ll See, We’ll See, offers a wild, unpredictable and joyful ride through acoustic and electronic sounds, all improvised in real-time, gliding into outer reaches and flirting with fragmented melodies, accidental rhythms, abstract, raw noise and techno pulses. The album is released in a limited edition of 70 hand-numbered with five different covers cassettes and a download option.

Martini explores the acoustic spectrum of the tenor sax while employing an array of extended techniques in combination with an array of hardware effects. Windisch is using custom-made pure data patches to modulate and transform signals in real-time and send them to four loudspeakers that surround the audience, which adds up to an intense and surprisingly immersive listening experience. Together they offer edgy and tactile dialogs and textures, with varying degrees of distortion and spiced with healthy doses of eccentric humor.

The last two pieces, the longer «You Cannot Find The Darkness» and the title piece focus on deeper, cinematic and more contemplative textures that stress how Martini’s palette of sounds complements the one of Windisch’s, and vice versa. All the elements of this duo’s syntax and language – density, rarefaction, spatialization, expansion and contraction – are employed in creating captivating textures, shapeshifting between melodic and noisy events.

Eyal Hareuveni   

Daniele Martini (tenor saxophone, electronics), Franziska Windisch (laptop, pure data)