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«Terrain Vague»

Mesmer is a new Danish trio featuring trumpeter-synth, electronics and field recordings player Emil Jensen, drummer-percussionist Victor Dybbroe and synth player Anders Filipsen. These three musicians-composers have been creating music together over the last 15 years but in various groups. Train Vogue is the debut album of Mesmer and was recorded in a series of three live performances in Denmark during 2021 and 2021, later deconstructed for the album.

Mesmer is fascinated by how sound (and its absence) influences us – the listeners- and how the different natural and cultural environments create different musical scenarios. The sonic vision of the trio reflects a two-year-long, thoughtful sonic research inspired by field trips to the outskirts of Copenhagen and by the auditive landscapes of places where nature and culture meet and challenge each other.

The collected field recordings shaped the moods, sonic qualities, and inherent energy of the sounds. Mesmer interpreted these subtle field recordings into hyper-modern, synth-based melodies, harmonies and rhythmical structures. Together with the field recordings, Train Vogue imagines an ethereal, relaxed and often lyrical atmosphere of the nature of the countryside of vibrant Copenhagen and suggests a unique, immersive and dreamy listening experience. Furthermore, Train Vogue calls us to sharpen our awareness and sensitivity to the sounds that are already present in our environment.

Eyal Hareuveni

Emil Jensen (trumpet, modular-synthesizer, sequencer, field recordings), Anders Filipsen (synthesizers), Victor Dybbroe (drums, percussion, drum pads)