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«det muliges rum»

det muliges rum (The Space of the  Possible in Danish) is the second duo album of Danish cellist (and also double bass player) Nils Bo Davidsen and pianist Simon Toldam, following Fyrtårn, released earlier in 2023 (also by Ilk Music). Davidsen and Toldam have been playing together for more than seventeen years in various constellations, mostly in Toldam Trio (with Norwegian drummer Knut Finsrud). The album was recorded at the concert hall Sendesaal in Bremen.

Davidsen and Toldam composed the twelve spontaneous, instant compositions, all offering an enigmatic sonic odyssey through distinct, intimate and melancholic aural landscapes, as well as the profound, telepathic rapport that these gifted musicians have established. The atmosphere of det muliges rum is reserved, thoughtful and fragile. Davidsen and Toldam weave emotional, melodic threads through space-filled textures and suggest unique dynamics that match improvised, chamber jazz with contemporary chamber music.

But the serene and contemplative tone of det muliges rum also marks the profound impact of sound and music on the human experience. The slow and patient interplay evokes and captures fleeting memories, emotions and sceneries, or other imaginary spaces. Often Davidsen and Toldam act and sound as one, inseparable musical entity, like two artists painting on the same canvas, and their beautiful and stimulating musical visions linger in your mind long after det muliges rum is gone. The extraordinary acoustics of the Sendesaal Hall intensify this highly immersive sonic experience.

Eyal Hareuvenii

Nils Bo Davidsen (cello), Simon Toldam (piano)