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«Live Album»

Nout is a French trio that describes itself as the missing link between Nirvana and Sun Ra. The young flutist-vocalist-drummer Delphine Joussein, electric harp player-drummer Rafaëlle Rinaudo and drummer Blanche Lafuente aim at pushing their instruments beyond their limits, with the enthusiasm of a mad scientist in front of his vials.

Live Album is the second release of the trio, following the self-titled EP (Gigantonium, 2021) and it was recorded during a tour in Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal and France in 2023. Basque vocal artist Beñat Achiary joined Nout in one piece recorded at Errobiko Festibala in Itxassou, France and Swedish baritone sax titan Mats Gustafsson joined the trio on three pieces recorded at Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige in Bolzano, Italy. Gustafsson joined Nout later on its tour in Germany.

Joussein composed six pieces, Rinaudo four pieces and Lafuente two more, including the ones from the debut EP. The last piece is credited to Nout and Gustafsson. Nout keeps swinging from delicate and sensual improvisations to brutal and noisy attacks that exploit the raw, primal power of the trio, often within the same piece. This kind of wild, subversive post-modern pastiche brings to mind the iconic work of John Zorn’s Naked City, including the merciless, gibberish shouts of Yamatsuka Eye, but Nout adds its original spin to such a volatile dish. Achiary adds wordless vocals and a shamanic twist to «Nuit de sabbat» but the collaboration with Gustafsson is magical and organic. He takes Nout the cathartic sonic territories of The Thing and Fire! and the last piece «Noutsson» highlights this perfect match.

It is impossible to resist the energetic tsunamis, the joyful and restless noise and the seductive and passionate invitations of Nout.

Eyal Hareuveni

Delphine Joussein (flute, voice, drums), Rafaëlle Rinaudo (electric harp, drums), Blanche Lafuente (drums), Mats Gustafsson (baritone sax), Beñat Achiary (voice)