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Interstitial documents an experimental musical collaboration of the three sound artists – German, Leipzig-based Oh No Noh (aka Markus Rom), Norwegian, Oslo-based Jenny Berger Myhre and German, Berlin-based author-producer FS Blumm (aka Frank Schültge). The title of the album refers to the process of its creation – to the letting go and filling of interstices, the temporally and spatially staggered collaborative composing, the accompanying addition and omission with the foresight to leave room for the ideas of others, without knowing how they would ultimately sound.

The three pieces of Interstitial were created in 2020. Rom did the mixing and Schültge the artwork. These dream-like, cinematic pieces are comprised of subtle field recordings layered with delicate improvisations. Oh No Noh, Jenny Berger Myhre and FS Blumm each composed a piece, which served as the basis for the overlays of the other two musicians, but each piece was processed, directed and shaped in its timbre and structure in different ways. The titles of the pieces describe the order of the overdubs (JBM: Jenny Berger Myhre, FS: Frank Schültge, MR: Markus Rom).

The music triggers caressing, trance-like snapshots and spans wide arcs of ambient, thoughtful sound art and abstract soundscapes, where sparse sounds of electric guitars, basses and pianos correspond with subtle and sometimes noisy sounds of the field recordings, mostly bird calls (with no credits to specific musician). Interstitial acts like an extension and development of Oh No Noh’s 2021 conceptual Distant Sediments (also released by Teleskop), created with Japanese, Berlin-based musician-composer-producer Midori Hirano and Norwegian guitarist Jo David Meyer Lysne. It deepens Oh No Noh’s mission of searching for beauty in unconventional musical settings, obsolete technology and daily surroundings.

Eyal Hareuveni