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«Källtorp Sessions Vol.1»

Swedish Mattias Ståhl is the most sought after vibes player in the Nordic hemisphere. He plays in Martin Küchen’s Angles, IPA, Alberto Pinto Quartet, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Två För Tommy and collaborates with Swedish double bass player Georg Riedel. His own Ståhls Trio – featuring Canadian, Stockholm-based bass player Joe Williamson and fellow Swedish drummer Christopher Cantillo, is finally back with a second album, six years after the release of the acclaimed «Jag skulle bara gå ut» (Moserobie, 2013).

«Källtorp Sessions Vol.1» was recorded in March 2017 and January 2018 in Källtorp, Sörmland by Mats Äleklint (who plays the trombone in Angles and in Alberto Pinto Quartet, among many other groups). Most of the material is original, penned by Ståhl, Williamson, or by the trio. The Ståhls Trio interplay is based, naturally, on complex rhythmic games, where Ståhl, Williamson and Cantillo shape constantly the given rhythmic pattern, distilling it into a deep yet highly playful meditation on the transformative power of rhythm. Add to that the hypnotic sound of Ståhl’ vibes (with mallets made by his 85 years old, wise mother, as Emil Svanängen informs in the liner notes), the complete freedom in Williamson and Cantillo approaches and the true democratic interplay and you already know that there is no better way but to surrender to this excellent trio.

Soon, you may sense that Ståhls Trio is indeed a rare rhythmic phenomenon and you may be absolutely right. Just check the lyrical but clever «Kvotblues» (composed by the trio after a coffee pot emptied one Tuesday) with its focus on minimalist, chamber interplay, Ståhl’s emotional and light-swinging ballad «Morgon på torpet» or enjoy the immaculate playfulness of Williamson’s «Vi går till skolan». The dazzling cover of Riedel’s «Diagram» emphasizes the formative influences of this trio and its great passion and respect to the jazz legacy. And the surprising, wise and ironic cover of John Lennon’s «Jealous Guy» will seal the discussion about the greatness of this trio.

Waiting anxiously for the coming volumes from these sessions.

Eyal Hareuveni

Mattias Ståhl (vib), Joe Williamson (b), Christopher Cantillo (dr)