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The Collins English Dictionary defines a mongrel as a dog of mixed or indeterminate breed or any animal or plant resulting from the crossing of different breeds or varieties. Mongrels captures an imaginative meeting of two percussionists and sonic painters and poets from like-minded schools, dedicated to the sacred mission of sending their suggestive transmissions to the wild.

Australian, Berlin-based Tony Buck, of The Necks fame and many other free improvised collaborations with Peter Brötzmann, Otomo Yoshihide, John Zorn, Fennesz and Franz Hautzinger. He plays on guitars (electric and acoustic guitars, electric baritones, steel string, slide, prepared guitars and bass guitar) and recorded and mixed this album in Berlin. His comrade, American percussionist Mark Nauseef is known for free improvised meetings with Evan Parker, Tomasz Stańko and Bill Laswell, but also with Lou Harrison, The Velvet Underground, Thin Lizzy and Rabih Abou-Khalil. He plays on bells and gongs from Bali, Java, Korea, Japan, India, China and Tibet.

Both Buck and Nauseef have a great interest in Ghanaian music and dance, Hindustani classical music, Balinese and Javanese gamelan, and Turkish classical Sufi music. The album Mongrels blends and amalgamates Buck and Nauseef’s extensive experiences with inspired elements from many musical traditions and legacies and weaves all into untimely, enigmatic and highly resonant rituals, rich in overtones, microtonal movement, harmonics and glow, that keep shining with rare sonic imagination. Buck and Nauseef take these journeys as far as they do not know, as the 29-minute centerpiece is titled. The contemplative, minimalist atmosphere of Mongrels intensifies its hypnotic, emotional impact.

Eyal Hareuveni

Tony Buck (electric guitar, electric baritone guitar, arch-top acoustic guitar, bass guitar, mono-chord, waterphone, zulu-bells, instrument preparations), Mark Nauseef (bells and gongs from Bali, Java, Korea, Japan, India, China and Tibet)