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«MEUF vol 2»

The cross-Nordic compilation MEUF vol 2 celebrates International Women’s Day (March 8) with ten pieces by 19 remarkable and experimental female musicians in nine different new constellations. Danish sax player-composer Maria Dybbroe initiated this compilation and is already the second in a new annual tradition.

This multi-colored and multi-faceted compilation offers a journey into the endless possibilities of music to experience new things and be amazed, from Norwegian folklore storytelling to surreal industrial soundscapes. MEUF vol 2 provides a platform for creating brand new music that reaches into the future and focuses on the Nordic experimental scene with its many and diverse female voices, still, unfortunately, a minority in the music industry who do not always meet as many colleagues who, by their gender reminds of themselves.

MEUF vol 2 has many beautiful and moving musical wonders and alternates its sonic sceneries. The sensual and untimely folk melody «Skreli» by Norwegian Hardanger d’amore player Guro Kvifte Nesheim soprano sax player Camilla Hole, followed by the enigmatic drone «Siren» by Danish composer Kirstine Lindemann and vocal artist Ly Tran, and the delicate chamber piece of Dybbroe, «Vi ser havet i det fjerne» (We see the sea in the distance) for Copenhagen-based violist Lisa Marie Vogel and violinist Bettina Ezaki.

Slovak, Oslo-based drummer-percussionist Michaela Antalová and Norwegian Hardinger fiddler Astrid Garmo bring this journey to a passionate Norwegian dance party, followed by the mysterious, industrial-tinged «Sweetener» by experimental vocalist-flutist-electronics players Copenhagen-based Sarah Buchner and Italian, Oslo-based Andrea S. Giordano, and then to free improvisation for a duo of alto sax player Danish, Oslo/Trondheim-based Amalie Dahl and French Ornella Noulet.

«Encircle», the celestial duet of Swedish vocalist Sofie Norling and Danish percussionist Michala Østergaard-Nielsen (who work together in Nuaia And David’s Angels) is a most beautiful piece and the emotional climax of this compilation. It is followed by the experimental, industrial sound art of Slovak, Copenhagen-based Michala Turcerová and Norwegian Lone Aagot Meinich and their field recordings. Danish-American cellist-vocalist electronics player Lil Lacy and Norwegian multidisciplinary artist Jenny Berger Myhre suggest a mysterious, seductive and evocative melody on Eevee. This impressive and thoughtful compilation concludes with the chamber duo of Vogel and Ezaki exploring further the composition of Dybbroe.

Eyal Hareuveni

Camilla Hole (soprano saxophone), Maria Dybbroe (composer), Ly Tran (voice), Guro Kvifte Nesheim (Hardanger d’amore), Kirstine Lindemann (composition), Lisa Marie Vogel (viola), Bettina Ezaki (violin), Astrid Garmo (hardingfele, tramping), Michaela Antalová (drums), Sarah Buchner (voice, flute, electronics), Andrea S. Giordano (voice, flute, electronics), Amalie Dahl (alto saxophone), Ornella Noulet (alto saxophone), Sofie Norling (vocals, electronics), Michala Østergaard-Nielsen (percussion, bow), Michala Turcerová (field recordings), Lone Aagot Meinich (field recordings), Lil Lacy (cello, voice, electronics), Jenny Berger Myhre (piano, electronics, field recordings)