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«Conic Tube»

Yedo Gibson is a Brazilian, Amsterdam-based sax player, known for his collaborative work with Susana Santos Silva and Vasco Trilla (in the Fish Wool trio), Luís Lopes, Gonçalo Almeida, Luís Vicente and Luc Ex (in the Naked Wolf band). Conic Tube is his first solo album, recorded at Namouche Studios in Lisbon in February 2023, after many tears of performing solo.

Conic Tube reflects the idea that the saxophone is nothing but a metal conical tube that amplifies, modifies and pushes the air through the room, or if the instrument is just an object and sound is just air and air is inside-out of us. Therefore pushing this air becomes the means to structure our space and surroundings and make it possible to affect our environment and energies

Gibson follows the innovative work of sax player John Butcher or trumpeter Axel Dörner, and with his own inventive and highly personal extended techniques, he produces a series of dense and rapid free jazz melodic improvisations blended with weird and otherworldly sounds from his soprano, alto and tenor saxes, all make his saxes sing, chirp, shriek, moan or chat in playful multiphonics. The imaginative titles of the eight pieces, like «Orthopedic boots or just before opening the cage for those giant steps» or «BBiBilBillBilliBillieBillie’sBillie’s BBillie’s BoBillie’s BouBillie’s BounBillie’s BouncBillie’s Bounce», tell about the seminal influences on Gibson’s sax sound, but also about his strong determination to take his own giant steps and open new possibilities for the minds and the spirits of the bold listener.

Eyal Hareuveni

Yedo Gibson (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone)