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Schneweiss und Rosenrot

«Miss Palsy»

LUCIA CADOTSCH – voice, synthesizer
JOHANNA BORCHERT – piano, preparations, voice
PETTER ELDH – bass, synthesizer
MARC LOHR – drums, electronics

A band very similar to the architecture of some cities.
SCHNEEWEISS + ROSENROT as a city would be a city without an urban planner.
There is no greater plan, no hierarchy.
Eight years ago we joined forces in an attempt to create a platform free from preconceived ideas
of what improvised music should be or not be.
We started to build, from high to low, dense and chaotic, open and sparse.
Maybe we should emphasize dense in this context.
A lot of information crammed into a small space or a small time-frame.
We wanted to embrace all of our ideas at the same time and we still want to do just that.
We created a long chain from loose ends and in the joints we found these rough edges,
small cracks and that is where the beauty lies.
A combination of four individuals sharing mutual respect and understanding for each other,
in other words, Peace.