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Europe Jazz Media Chart Desember

Så går vi mot slutyten av 2019, men de europeiske jazzrredaksjoner har ennå ikke tatt juleferie. Så rundt omkring i Europa spilles det fremdeles mye god musikk i redaksjonslokalene, og her er hva som har vært mest å høre de seneste ukene:

Viktor Bensusan, jazzdergisi.com:
HERRING/WATSON/BARTZ Bird at 100 (Smoke Sessions Records)

Henning Bolte, Written in Music:
LUMEN DRONES Umbra (Hubro)

Magnus Nygren, OrkesterJournalen:
OYA SEXTET Live (Signal and Sound Records)

Cim Meyer, Jazz Special:
MALUBA ORCHESTRA Maluba (Stunt Records)

Lars Mossefinn, Dag og tid:
REOLÔ Andre Sida (ta:lik)

Matthieu Jouan, citizenjazz.com:
SIGNE EMELUTH AMOEBA Chimaera (Øra Fonogram)

Axel Stinshoff, Jazz thing:

Luca Vitali, Giornale della Musica:
ACRE Different Constellation (Autrecords)

Madli-Liis Parts , Muusika:
KIRKE KARJA QUARTET Wrong Kind of Paradise (Kirke Karja 2019)

Paweł Brodowski, Jazz Forum:

Mike Flynn, Jazzwise:
BILL LAURANCE Live At The Philharmonie Cologne (Jazzline)

Anna Filipieva, Jazz.Ru:
KRISTINA KOVALYOVA Hristya v namysti (Hristya v namysti)

Jan Granlie, salt-peanuts.eu:
LUMEN DRONES Umbra (Hubro)

Christine Stephan, Jazzthetik:
SHAKE STEW GrisGris (Traumton)

Why did I choose:

Magnus Nygren:
Swedish pianist Sebastian Bergström in a spirit rejoice. Joyful and brilliant executed, he and his band bring new life to the songs of South Africans like Dudu Pukwana, Chris McGregor and Louis Moholo

Victor Bensusan:
If Bird lives, this is the album! 3 of the best mainstream saxophonists backed by a stellar rhythm section for Bird’s tunes, standards as well as originals.

Paweł Brodowski:
A fascinating new album by the young Polish pianist and visionary composer Piotr Orzechowski “Pianohooligan”. A musical re-imagining of the second part of the messianic drama „Forefathers” (an ancient feast summoning the ghosts) by the great Polish romantic poet Adam Mickiewicz  (1798 – 1855). It is a sort of suite, in which jazzy parts of the High Definition Quartet (Mateusz Śliwa – ts, ss; Piotr Orzechowski – p, Alan Wykpisz – b, Grzegorz Pałka – dr) are juxtaposed with electronic sets offered by ambient masters William Basinski and Robert Rich (USA), Christian Fennesz (Austria) and Poland’s own Krzysztof Knittel and Igor Boxx (from the duet Skalpel). A spiritual journey into the human soul.

 Matthieu Jouan:
We can take the problem in any direction, we must recognize that the Danish alto saxophonist and composer Signe Emmeluth is a great musician who has a strong sense of collective, narrative and whose energetic colors are generous. This second record contains all that. Well, it contains… let’s say it explodes instead!

Cim Meyer:
A strong contender for the Danish Release of 2019. The YouTube video is from one of their first public performances (if not the first). Great compositions and great soloists pointing towards a bright future without dropping the jazz tradition.

Jan Granlie:
Lumen Drones is doing the Norwegian folk music accessible to all the people of the world, and something better and more modern than what this trio is doing to further develop Norwegian folk music, is almost impossible to do. And they not even play the traditional songs – everything is written by the trio!
A gem of a recording!


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