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Mandagsklubben, 5e, København, august

Our distinguished artist in residence in august is none other than the great Artur Tuznik. Artur Tuznik is a Polish piano player and composer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, active on European scene for jazz and improvised music both as a bandleader and sideman. His recognizable musical voice is strongly influenced by language of impressionism and folk music of his origins, while previously rooted in tradition of modal-jazz and sound we know as Scandinavian jazz. Most recently, after completing his studies at classical DKDM in Copenhagen, he engaged the worlds of so called classical music and contemporary improvisation.

After moving to Denmark in 2008, Tuznik made his recording debut in 2011 with his “Licak/Tuznik Quintet”, released on the Danish label BlackOut, feat. Anders Mogensen on drums. The album was received by critics as an “excellent contemporary record and real must listen», and Tuznik has been described as “unusually gifted improviser” and “brilliant soloist”. That was followed by a realese of his Outbreak Quartet by label of Radio Katowice, after the band won the most important competition in Poland “Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa”.

In 2016 Artur Tuznik made his first trio release featuring Danish rhythm section of Nils Davidsen and Jakob Høyer – major figures on Scandinavian scene for improvised music. Album “Artur Tuznik TRIO” has been released by Polish label Multikulti, followed by great reviews internationally. The major Danish newspaper POLITIKEN placed it in TOP 5 Jazz Albums of 2017. Since then, Tuznik engaged himself into touring and writing music for his various co-operations with i.a. Thomas Agergaard, Maciej Obara and several formations playing his original music. He premiered his cross-over work «Swan Suite» under CPH jazzfestival 2018 receiving 5 stars in POLITIKEN. His work WOODS has been rewarded by Danish Popular Authors Association (DPA), presented by Danish Radio Big Band and broadcasted live. Artur has lately also been active as a member of bands under the leadership of Thomas Agergaard, Janne Mark and Anders Fjeldsted.

In various projects, he has shared the stage and/or recorded with artists like Tomasz Stanko, Jeremy Pelt, Tony Malaby, Maciej Obara, Anders Christensen, Alex Riel, Andreas Lang, Richard Andersson, Anders Mogensen, Tomasz Dabrowski, Mads Vinding and many more. Artur has been performing on festivals in Europe, USA, Canada and venues like Lincoln Center in NYC.

After 2015, Artur was a part of an international super-group of young generation musicians lead by one of the most influential trumpeters in music history Tomasz Stanko. As Tomasz Stanko Experience, band has recorded and played a concert tour in Denmark followed by superb reviews in main national media.
here is the program for august 2019. We are quite proud of it! enjoy!!!

5 august

kl 20 Asger Thomsens Bass Ackwards
Tomo Jacobson: gut strings
Aurelijus Uzameckis: misc. steel strings
Asger Thomsen: steel strings and objects

we begin the new season with a release concert of Asger Thomsen’s new solo album Atlas – check it out here: https://sovnrecords.com/2019/07/07/svn022-atlas-asger-thomsen/
Special bass trio set featuring local cavemen Tomo Jacobson and Aurelijus Uzameckis.

kl 21 – THE SPACE ABOVE – Artur Tuznik residency concert #1
Flavia Huarachi – flute
Simon Albertsen – drums
Artur Tuznik – piano

THE SPACE ABOVE is a contemporary chamber-music formation, interpreting classical music through modern instrumentation and improvisation.Presenting a very unique stilistics and sound, group is also working with compositions of its members and melodies originating from their different backrounds of Poland, Bolivia and Norway.

The trio got its premiere in 2018 during the Copenhagen jazz festival and the idea was originaly born through inspiration of classical music that Artur and Flavia have studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. It felt like classical music in its strong academic environment has a tendency to loose its fresh «current» meaning and would often not be interpreted through the times we are living in and with regard to much of earlier music’s approach to improvisation and instrumentation. The Space Above has decided to experiment with translating earlier music into the language and instrumentation we use as improvisers.

kl 22 Jesper Zeuthens ZSC
Jesper Zeuthen – sax
Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh – guitar
Roberto Bordiga – bass
Thomas Præstegaard – drums

Yet another new ensemble from the great Jesper Zeuthen. Mr Zeuthen is a singular force in scandinavian improvised music and has been so for 50 years! we are so lucky that this great artist is playing at the monday club on a fairly regular basis. Be there!

kl 23 Beatriz Gijón/Mariana Carvalho
Beatriz Gijón: piano and voice
Mariana Carvalho: piano and voice
Beatriz Gijón/Mariana Carvalho is an improvisation duo that brings close different musical perspectives. Two pianists and improvisers share their interest in moving from and creating spaces between free improvisation, prepared piano, popular music, extended techniques, classical music and voice.

kl 24 Thomsen / Lucatelli the duo!!
Marcela Lucatelli – vox
Asger Thomsen – bass
A midnight concert with vocalist extraordinaire Marcela Lucatelli and bassist Asger Thomsen. Maybe they will play the entire songbook of Shu-Bi-Dua. Maybe they will just turn to dust. There’s only one way to find out.

12 august

kl 19 The Mikkel Mark Trio
Mikkel Mark – piano
Anders Christensen – bass
Kresten Osgood – drums

We begin the evening with one of copenhagen’s classic ensembles: The Mikkel Mark Trio. They have released two fantastic albums on ILK and are working on a new one.
Mikkel Mark is a very original and poetic pianist and has been a hidden treasure on the scene for many years. come early and hear this great band!

kl 20 Melbye/Kielsgaard/Thomsen
Henrik Pultz Melbye: reeds
Rune Kielsgaard: drums
Asger Thomsen: bass

No-mercy-slaughterhouse improv. Perfect for a romantic evening.

kl 21 Artur Tuznik / Kresten Osgood the DUO (Artur Tuznik residency concert # 2)
Artur Tuznik – piano
Kresten Osgood – drums

the is the first ever performance of the Tuznik/Osgood duo. they have played together in other constellations and have great affinity for each other but the duo setting is a much different animal. expect open ears and open hearts behind closed doors

kl 22 Jesper Zeuthens ZAV
Jesper Zeuthen – sax
Jacob Anderskov – piano
Anders Vestergaard -drums

This band has been together for quite a few years and is an audience favorite at the monday club. they also released an amazing album a few years back.
Zeuthen is a unique voice and has been so for 50 years (!). Anderskov is one of our greatest pianists and Anders Vestergaard is a much in demand and very beautiful musical who plays the drums. be there!

kl 23 Roupe / Ryde / Hæsum
Bjarne Roupe – guitar
Niels Ryde – bass
Morten Hæsum – drums

This trio electrifies your mind and sets your imagination free. These 3 gentlemen play music that has no bondries and they explore everything from
free open landscapes to ultra groovy, sweety and gritty dirtyfunk. Be ready to go on a journey to outer space and back.

kl 24 KAT & JAK «Manna Hatta Soundscapes»
Yael Acher «KAT» Modiano: Flute & efx & electronics
Jacob «JAK» Melchior: Drums

«Yael Acher is a flutist who isn’t about faking the funk…her hard-edged Junk Kat Modiano ensemble is run from the kick drum.» – Time Out, Steve Smith, New York.
Reunited in KBH after a long collaboration in New York City at venues such as Blue Note, Rubin Museum, Barge Music and more, the duo takes the ancient combination, flute & drums to an urban-contemporary-groove-eclectic ritual; taking audience for a journey of full-textured / spontaneous soundscapes.

19 august

kl 19 Nørbo / Kimestad / Petri / Osgood
Søren Nørbo – piano
Erik Kimestad – trumpet
Matthias Petri – bass
Kresten Osgood – drums

This allstar quartet was founded a few years ago and have been playing fairly regularly since then. They had a hugely succesfull gig at the copenhagen jazzfestival and now is the chance to hear them again. Nørbo is an enigmatic performer. highly personal and subtle. Petri and Kimestad are some of the most prolific players in town and Osgood is Osgood

kl 20 Oddgeir Berg Trio
Oddgeir Berg-piano/keys
Audun Ramo-doublebass
Lars Berntsen-drums

Electroacoustic jazz with one leg in melancholy and the other in ecstasy. Due now with their 2.album «In The End Of The Night» released by the german label Ozella Music.

kl 21 ARTUR TUZNIK 6TET (Artur Tuznik residency concert # 3)
Erik Kimestad – trumpet
Ned Ferm – tenor sax
Petter Hängsel – trombone
Johannes Vaht – bass
Simon Albertsen – drums
Artur Tuznik – piano

A new formation, performing compositions of Tuznik. The band features some of the most unique voices on the Copenhagen scene and the music is inspired by harmonies of impressionism and melodies deriving from Polish folkmusic, early ECM and music of Komeda and Stanko.

kl 22 Eka trio
Tomas Hörnberg – Gitar
Anne Marte Eggen – Bass
Pontus Häggblom – Trommer

With their freshman effort the members of the Eka trio have already
demonstrated their immense talent and their spirited individuality.
Their uniqueness stems not only from their refreshingly imaginative
material but also from their bold creativity and accomplished

kl 23 The Electric Niklas Fite
Niklas Fite – electric guitar (!)
Egil Kalman – modular synthesizer
Tyge Jessen – trumpet
Oda Dyrnes – cello

A quartet consisting of some of the most sensitive improvisers in town. Jessen and Dyrnes often perform together and we have heard them in a duo setting at the club before. The great bassist Egil Kalman is equally great on the modular synth and resident swedish guitar and banjo master makes a rare appearance on the electric guitar. cancel everything and go straight to the monday club for this inspiring set

kl 24 Simon Forchammer / Hein Westgaard – the duo
Simon Forchammer – drums
Hein Westgaard – guitar

These two strong and quite abstract players team up for a rare duo performance. Westgaard is rapidly expanding his vocabulary on the guitar as an improviser and composer and Forchammer is adressing new questions on the drums. both very subtle and intelligent players. Stay beyond midnight!

26 august

kl 19 The Monday Band plays Calum Builder
Calum Builder – saxophone
Pia Boda- saxophone
Irene Bianco – percussions
Margaux Oswald – piano
Ossian Bard – Drums

Yes! Its the Monday Band at 7pm each monday until the end of time. The Monday Band was formed to focus on playing improvised music in a large ensemble and draws its members from the large vibrant group of improvisers in town and passing through. The idea is to have a international band with a open constellation which connects the improvising scene in Copenhagen and performs every week. The band will play minimal compositions, improvising concepts and graphic scores composed and arranged by the members of the band. the band will have a flexible lineup each week but with a core group of artists consistently there. Copenhagen has long needed a place where a steady workshop band could experiment with improvising in a large ensemble and the MondayClub is the place to do it so welcome to THE MONDAY BAND

Cecilie Strange: saxophone
Anna Roemer: guitar
Featuring speciel guests (TBA)

KALEIDO is a new band in the improvised music scene. The vision is to create carpets of sounds which changes with every note – like sunshine through a kaleidoscope.
Guitarplayer Anna Roemer and saxophone player Cecilie Strange has joined forces in this group – the gold being to make music that moves in time – space – place.

kl 21 ARTUR TUZNIK «SYMPHONY OF 1 BAR» *** (Artur Tuznik residency concert # 4)
Artur Tuznik – piano solo

Mr Tuznik – our artist in residence this month says: «Solo is a very special format for me. That’s where it’s often most likely to get the inner voice to reveale music not always available on a conscious level. I’m working on being able to capture it live and sustain it, while exploring the sound of the moment and situation. The Symphony of 1 bar is about being present and away at the same time.»

kl 22 Duo Hjort/Olas
Anne Marie Hjort Christiansen- violin
Kamila Olas- accordion

Anne Marie and Kamila form an energetic and young ensemble exploring classical and contemporary music for violin and accordion.
The concert will consist of folk inspired and rhythmically energetic music, the programme is a collection of works written by Bartok, Stravinsky and Majkusiak.

kl 23 Our Little Secret
Niels Ryde – bass
Mads Nørgaard – guitar
Deodato Seguir – drums
Jakob Broholm – keys
Fredrik Moth – sax

In their description of the band they use words like jazz, afro and funk. those are 3 of our favorite words. this should be a good experience!

Kamil Piotrowicz – Piano
Erik Kimestad Pedersen – Trumpet
Simon Olderskog Albertsen – Drums

These days, Polish Kamil Piotrowicz is leading the country’s hottest band in his name, he just released his third record, and is becoming a prolific young musician in Poland right now. Along with him is Erik Kimestad, possibly the most in demand trumpet player in Denmark, and Simon Albertsen, an increasingly prolific drummer both in Norway and Denmark over the past years.
THE PRESIDENT is hyperactive, drastic, abrupt and intense, also super killing.

Tekst: Mandagsklubben
Foto: Kristoffer Juel Poulsen

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