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Mandagsklubben godt i gang med 2020

Mandagsklubben i 5e i Kødbyen i København startet sesongen på mandag. Og her er programmet for resten av januar:

Its time for a new decade. its time for the 20´s !! To quote Yahya Hassan about the previous one: «it didnt turn out to be the decade of the common man after all – so get out of the way!»

Its up to us to claim the new decade. and we shall!!… our actions are much more defining for the new decade than we might think. what happens at the monday club (and other places) sets the direction. we get up, play new music, improvise, search for new sounds… we are doing it because that’s how we express ourselves. that is how we manifest our existence…our humanity. and we are not doing it alone. we are doing it together! and we are growing in numbers…artists and audiences

This is no time for ornamentation. no time for bullshit, no time to dress it up, no time to be cute or pretend or impress. its the time for action. the time for being real. Don’t pretend to be an artist because you can afford to – express yourself because you need to! Go to the monday club. be real. listen. connect with yourself and with others. we are not part of the entertainment industry. we are underground. and that makes us dangerous. the lines between who is on stage and who is in the audience is blurred. as it always was…but now we don’t pretend anymore..the people who come to the club will be affected. they will be changed and they will go out and change the environment around them. Thats what will happen in the 20´s.

We are having the piano tuned and our minds and hearts are tuned as well.

Our distinguished artist in residence in the first month of the new decade is none other than the great Nana Pi!!

Nana Pi (b. 1983) is a Copenhagen-based saxophone player, composer and conductor working mainly within the experimental jazz scene. She has an original sound on her horn using objects and extended techniques, which she constantly strives to go deeper into. She has developed Extemporize, a music sign language she uses in various constellations, but primarily as a conductor in the group Extemporize Orchestra. She is part of the record label Barefoot and the music collective The Community plays in groups like Nezelhorns, Zeuthens Store Claus, Skärmtid, The Name Comes Later, Hey Nana, I’m Halym and The Strangement Society lead by Miguel Angel Crozzoli. But she can be heard in many other constellations with musicians like Akira Sakata, Klaus Kürvers, Olaf Rupp, Steve Heather, Håkon Berre, Mazen Kerbaj, Kasper Tom and the ad hoc group The Monday Band.

13 januar: 

kl 17:00 Djbfa Netværks Talk #11 Kresten Osgood talks to Nina Sun Eidsheim

Alvaro Torres – piano
Joel Illerhag – bass
Kresten Osgood – drums

kl 20:00 Claus Bøje / Peter Friis Nielsen / Simon Toldam
Claus Bøje – drums
Peter Friis Nielsen – el bass
Simon Toldam – keys

kl 21:00 Nana Pi Residency Concert #2 Hey Nana, I’m Halym (DE / KR / DK)
Halym Kim – drums
Nana Pi – saxophone & objects

kl 22:00 Eidsheim / Pontoppidan / Carlsen / Osgood
Nina Sun Eidsheim –  vocal
Randi Pontoppidan – vocal
Morten Carlsen  – sax, taragot
Kresten Osgood – drums

kl 23:00 Paulo Dias Duarte EnsemblePaulo Dias Duarte – Guitar
Julie Kjær – Alto Saxophone
Jacob Danielsen – Tenor Saxophone
Jeppe Hjøllund – Trumpet
Jens Mikkel Madsen – Bass
Jens Emil Jensen – Drums

kl 24:00 Hein Westgaard´s Grand Gesture


20. januar

Margaux Oswald – piano
Aurelijus Užameckis – double bass
Halym Kim – drums

kl 20:00 Henrik Olsson, Albert Cirera the duo!
Henrik Olsson – guitar
Albert Cirera – sax

kl 21:00 Nana Pi Residency Concert #3 Extemporize Orchestra (SE / NO / IE)
Nana Pi – conductor
Birgitte Lyregaard – vocal
Karoline Wallace – vocal
Ola Rubin – trombone
Kristian Tangvik – tuba
Signe Emmeluth – saxophone
Maria Dybbroe – saxophone
Carolyn Goodwin – saxophone & bass clarinet
Henrik Olsson – guitar
Asger Thomsen – double bass
Petter Asbjørnsen – double bass
Cornelia Nilsson – drums

kl 22:00 not sure what will happen here yet…stay tuned!

kl 23:00 Westlin/Bergstrøm
Pelle Westlin – Sax
Ferdinand Bergstrøm – Guitar

kl 24:00 Bæst
Mads Egetoft – sax
Mads Nørgaard – guitar
Yohan Ramon – perc
David Besiakov – drums
Anton Langebæk – bass

27. januar

kl 19:00 THE MONDAY BAND currated by Antti Lähdesmäki
Albert Cirera – sax
Calum Builder – sax
Mark Ibsgaard Gregersen – bass
Luca Curcio – bass
Ossian Ward  – drums
Jan Kadereit – drums
Margaux Oswald – piano

kl 20:00 Claus Bøje / Peter Friis Nielsen / Søren Kjærgaard
Claus Bøje – drums
Peter Friis Nielsen – el bass
Søren Kjærgaard – keys

kl 21:00 Nana Pi Residency Concert  #4 Nezelhorns (SE / NO / DK)
Nana Pi – saxophone
Petter Hängsel – trombone
Erik Kimestad – trompet
Johannes Vaht – double bass
Kristoffer Rostedt – drums

kl 22:00 Epli + Niklas Fite (DK/NO/SE)
Oda Dyrnes – cello
Tyge Jessen – alt trompet
Niklas Fite – guitar


Johannes Gammelgaard – saxophone
Johannes Berg – drums

kl 24:00 Draksler / Corsini
Kaja Draksler / Piano
Federico Corsini  / Bass

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