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Mandagsklubben legges ned

Trommeslageren, bandlederen, orkesterlederen og klubborganisatoren Kresten Osgood har sendt oss en sørgelig melding. Han har helt siden starte, vært den driftige lederen for Mandagsklubben på 5e i Kødbyen i København.

I dag kom følgende email fra Kresten:

«Dearest Brothers and Sisters

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this message, but there is also hope for the future.

After more than 5 years and over one thousand concerts I have decided to close the monday club. This means that we will not open after the coronavirus situation is under control again.

It has been fantastic, beautiful, inspiring and more than anything it has brought all of us closer to each other. It has also shown the power we have as a group and it has shown that our personal and sometimes alternative sounds have an audience.

Everything has its time and it has been a golden period in my life that I will always treasure. thank you all for being a part of that!.

And all the friendships, connections and feelings we have we can take with us anywhere

Just like Jerome Cooper doesn’t need a drum set to be a drummer. He can just think of the drums. We can also manifest ourselves anywhere.

One thing that’s important for me to say is that the monday club was never really a business, it was a positive gesture … noone made any real money … and we have to make a living doing this. i am also closing the club to say that it has fulfilled its purpose and what we have learned shouldn’t be that we are willing to play our valuable music for peanuts. It was nessesary to create this so that we could build a community and an audience, but I sincerely hope that future models do not copy the monday club, but instead aim to make a more sustainable situation for all of us

I want you all to know that I am not closing the club because of the virus. I am closing it because its time.

Apologies for all the cancelled gigs. There was no convenient way to do this as the club was booked nearly a year in advance. I can’t write to everybody, so please spread this message to your friends and colleagues

This is from me, personally, but I know that I am also extending huge love and respect to you all from Klaus Rix and Torben Olander, the original Mötley Crüe, who started this with me. Also a huge and eternal thank you to Ramn, Paul and Hans who have done so incredibly much to keep it going on a weekly basis.

It’s up to you all to carry on and be creative and organise yourselves

Love and unlimited respect from

Så får vi håpe at andre «tar opp hansken», og fortsetter det utmerkede arbeid Kresten og hans kolleger har gjort med Mandagsklubben. For scenen har vært en av de absolutt beste i København de senere årene, og det er en scene, ikke minst den frittgående musikk har trengt de senere årene.

Takk Kresten – og alle dere andre som har arbeidet med klubben. Og takk til alle musikerne som har spilt der, og vært med på å gjøre livene våre litt bedre.

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