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Photo book from the maestro Žiga Koritnik

The most common cliché about photography insists that a picture is worth a thousand words. Still, a good photographer can sketch an engaging story out of these many words. An excellent photographer, like Slovenian Žiga Koritnik, would suggest visual poems in his pictures of musicians. He knows how to capture not only the essence of the moment but also the deepest characteristics of these one-of-their-kinds great personalities.

No wonder that some of Koritnik’s photographs of Joe McPhee, Mats Gustafsson, Tom Waits and Hamid Drake already have become iconic and other photos of him graced albums of Peter Brötzmann, Ken Vandermark, The Thing and his fellow-country drummer Zlatko Kaučič. McPhee describes His work: «He is an improviser, a chronicler of life in real time, a poet, a philosopher, a free spirit, a song in anticipation of being sung». And Joëlle Léandre adds: «His camera in his hands becomes ‘Music’».

Finally, after 33 years career of professional photography Koritnik publishes his first book of music photography, «Cloud Arrangers», or as he calls it, the work of his lifetime. The publication of book is financed through a crowdfunding campaign that begins in September 6. Please consider supporting this unique project or spread the word about this campaign.

Text: Eyal Hareuveni
Photo: Mats Äleklint

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