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«Kitchen Music»

Norwegian violinist Adrian Løseth Waade, known as a member of the music collective Nakama and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and pianist Eylof Dale’s Wolf Valley octet, called his debut album as a bandleader «Kitchen Music». The title of this album reflects Løseth Waade’s rich language, where folk roots blend organically with jazz and rock ingredients, lyrical and melancholic colors are mixed with ecstatic and exotic spices and the musical stew balances between the grave and the hot and free..

Løseth Waade is assisted by the rhythm section of pianist Espen Berg Trio and Wako quartet – double bass player Bardur Reinert Poulsen and drummer Simon Olderskog Albertsen. Young guitarist Kjartan Lægreid Gullikstad rounds this quartet. This quartet succeeds to offer a natural flow that highlights the expressive and elegant, sometimes fragile touch of Løseth Waade and the strong affinity of Reinert Poulsen and Olderskog Albertsen.

The music navigates carelessly from «Fuglens Cabaret» that represents the playful, jazzy side of Løseth Waade, full of sudden twists between fast shifting moods and edgy dynamics, to the breezy-folky «Morning Routine» and the mysterious and cinematic «Hvitt som kokosnøttens kjerne». The last piece «Indoor Life» suggests the most beautiful melody here and realizes best all the colorful elements of «Kitchen Music».

Eyal Hareuveni

Adrian Løseth Waade (vio), Kjartan Lægreid Gullikstad (g), Bardur Reinert Poulsen (b), Simon Olderskog Albertsen (dr)

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