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Norwegian, Trondheim-based guitarist Andreas Aase likes to play his acoustic guitar in a solo format. «Ito» is already his seventh album and his fourth solo acoustic guitar album. He continues to develop his highly personal style, influenced by phrases and rhythms of Scandinavian folk traditions, but still sounds modern and timeless. Aase composed the seven pieces and plays on «Ito» a fifth-tuned nylon string guitar custom made for him in Switzerland by Tyko Runesson, with a few subtle effects.

Aase is a modest master. The covers of his albums never show his face. The titles of his pieces are suggestive, often only one word. All is about the music, with no distractions. And Aase’s melodic compositions are always open to improvisation. The neo-traditional folk elements, which often bring to mind familiar Hardanger fiddle tunes and Irish folk songs and dances, are transformed seamlessly and patiently into much more elaborate and genre-bending textures. The atmosphere of «Ito» is reserved, thoughtful and lyrical, as the deeply poetic «Pas» and «Mogop» and the most beautiful title piece prove. But «Oura» has a playful, song-like touch. Impressive and masterful.

Eyal Hareuveni

Andreas Aase (g)

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