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«To Become: Music to the Poems of Adrian Plass & Ian Adams»

Swedish sax player-composer Andreas W Anderson is also a pastor and an activist (and promises that he is also «not half bad at making blueberry muffins»). Obviously, his music reflects his spiritual leanings. Anderson’s new album presents the poetry of two British writers – Adrian Plass, known as the author of The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass, and Ian Adams, an Anglican priest. Their contemplative poems explore the possibilities of faith, hope and love reshaping our world.

Andersson leads a sextet with vocalists Anna Weister Andersson and Almaz Yebio, pianist Maggi Olin, double bass player Mattias Hjorth and drummer Kristoffer Rostedt. The album To Become was recorded at Gula studion in Malmö in June 2021.

The music of To Become is melodic, sparse and lyrical, leaving enough time to contemplate the lyrics and enjoy Anderson’s attentive compositions and his singing, folk-like gentle sax solos, as well as his close, subtle interplay with Olin. The vocal delivery of Weister Andersson and Yebio, who often sing together in unison, serves modestly well the reverent, poetic texts. Andersson links wisely Plass’ «I Watch» (I watch / Frightened / Helpless / But secretly willing / as my foot rises / Moving forward with my weight / And I realise / That at last / I am going to walk) with Adams’ corresponding «Tread» (Today / Another Step / In my pilgrim path / How soft has been my tread?).

Eyal Hareuveni

Andreas W Andersson (ts, ss), Anna Weister Andersson (v), Almaz Yebio (v), Maggie Olin (p, Fender Rhodes), Mattias Hjorth (b), Kristoffer Rostedt (dr) 


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