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«Voice n’ Drums»

Sometimes the title says it all and «Voice n’ Drums» do capture the spirit of this free-improvised meeting between Polish-born, Copenhagen-based vocal artist-spoken word artist and a psychologist Ania Rybacka and Danish prolific drummer Stefan Pasborg.

Both Rybacka and Pasborg never subscribed to a distinct genres and style. This meeting, recorded on 2016 at the Village Studio in Copenhagen, offers eight acoustic pieces, all were «instantly composed, in the spirit of the moment». And these piece do reflect the open, playful and free spirit of this meeting.

Pasborg knows how to frame the imaginative-inventive vocalizations of Rybacka within light and loose pulses, enabling her to keep expanding her vocal flights without disciplining her in tight rhythmic patterns. Rybacka delivers these spontaneous vocalizations with an immediate, bright emotional impact and compelling elegance.

Rybacka and Pasborg sound as enjoying experimenting with different dynamics and forms. Pasborg playing of the African thumb-piano kalimba and his sense of melody transforms the folkish, naïve lullaby «Duvie Manaete Tue» to a touching, piece that lingers long in mind. «Teinuttah» is the most intense and urgent piece here, often comes close to the minimalist territories of Meredith Monk and Steve Reich. «Russau Maro» is a ritualistic, choral piece that sounds as an East-European choral hymn. The free-associative, restless and wordless «What would your alter ego say?» suggests a glimpse to the inner thoughts of Rybacka the psychologist and the revealing, spoken-word «The Ultimate Challenge» shows that both Rybacka and Pasborg are also excellent hip-hop artists. «Aurora» sounds as part of a spiritual, shamanic ceremony and «Back to Simplicity» concludes this beautiful journey with dreamy, sensual sound, that call for more of this fine stuff.

Eyal Hareuveni

Ania Rybacka (v), Stefan Pasborg (dr, perc)

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