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«Multiring» documents another collaboration of American alto sax player Aram Shelton who relocated to Copenhagen on the american election night 2016 (and now resides in Budapest, Hungary). Shelton recorded before with Copenhagen-based, Norwegian drummer Håkon Berre and Polish double bass player Tomo Jacobson. Shelton met by chance sound artist and electronics and keyboard player Christian Rønn at Koncertkirken in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. These two experienced improvisors found a common ground while developing music together in Rønn’s studio on the outskirts of Copenhagen.

«Multiring» was recorded at Trekroner Studiet in Copenhagen in April 2018, and released as a limited-edition cassette of 150 copies (with download option). Rønn focuses on the electric würlitzer piano plus effects while Shelton sticks to his alto sax. Shelton has a distinct, harmonically rich and warm sound with a strong melodic sense. Rønn’s sound is more minimalist and abstract. Together they suggest a delicate, contemplative and somehow melancholic aesthetic. The album is described as creating “a mood unique to the environment in which it was created”.

The six pieces offer distinct moods and approaches. The melodic-meditative musings of Shelton on «Spread» are resonated by the atmospheric electric piano of Rønn. «Riley» sounds as a heartfelt homage to pioneer of minimalism Terry Riley as the sax and the piano move in repetitive, introspective ripples. Rønn, simple and cyclical, highly resonating sound with the breathy, ethereal playing of Shelton turn the title-piece to a mysterious, quiet drone. «Thin Air» is a gentle, melodic piece, still minimalist, patient and reserved but openly emotional. “Crawl” adds an urgent drive to this cyclical, repetitive dialog. The last «Don’t Move Fast» not only summarizes the essence of this interesting, minimalist meeting but also sketches an expresive, cinematic soundscape.

Eyal Hareuveni   

Christian Rønn (würlitzer, eff.), Aram Shelton (as) 


  1. Aram Shelton

    Thank you for the review! The CDs can be purchased in the EU here: https://nische.bandcamp.com/album/multiring


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