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«Sous un ciel d’écailles»

French, Brussels-based experimental alto sax player devotes herself to improvisation practices that constantly question the language of her instrument, its phrasing and possible sonic events. She works according to the motto: «from phrase to sonic event through all kinds of atoms and particles».

Her first solo album Sous un ciel d’écailles (under the sky of scales) was captured at la Chapelle du Grand Hospice in Brussels in February 2022, and features her «four short pieces for metal tube, deflected air column and 6 tape recorders». It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Belgian sound artist Christophe Albertijn.

The four short pieces (and three reprises) use the alto sax as a lively sound generator that talks and sings in unintelligible but highly expressive lingo and produces an array of subtle and abstract sounds, always investigating and challenging its sonorities within the spacious acoustics of the Chapelle du Grand Hospice. Lauro employs her saxophone  – literally – as a metal tube that transforms and deflects streams of air, with an impressive command, great focus on detail and poetic sensibility. She extends the innovative work of like-minded sax players like John Butcher and often, her saxophone sounds as if it producing hazy electro-acoustic sounds, but with immediate, concise emotional impact.

Sous un ciel d’écailles becomes an exploratory personal journey of Lauro to renew and revitalize the hidden, fascinating sonic possibilities of the alto sax.

Eyal Hareuveni  

Audrey Lauro (as, prep, tape recorders)

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