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«Omejeno gibanje / Confined Movement»

Slovenian journalist-reviewer-curator Luka T. Zagoričnik frames the free-improvised meeting of German, Berlin-based trumpeter Axel Dörner and fellow-Slovenian, Ljubliana-based double bass player Tomaž Grom, who also runs the Sploh label, like a collision. And obviously, there is a strong confrontial dimension to this first-ever meeting of these fearless, uncompromising improvisers, captured in DobiaLab, Staranzano, Italy in May 2019.

The six «Confined Moment»(s) focus on two highly idiosyncratic but parallel approaches to the acoustic sounds and how sound can be shaped, sculpted and manipulated as a tangible, elastic material with an impressive array of extended breathing and bowing techniques. Both Dörner and Grom are experienced sonic alchemists who are well-versed of the art of the moment as solo artists and curious collaborators. Both excel in non-attachment to the conventional-traditional sonic horizons of their respective instruments. The trumpet of Dörner and the double bass of Grom, together are no more than imaginative sound generators.

Dörner has developed a unique, now recognisable language of his own that is fully proficient in the jazz language but already evolved as it has assimilated elements from pure noise and minimalist, abstract electronica. Grom is focused on expanding the sonic spectrum of the double bass with inventive tunings and bowings techniques and has a total free sense of pulse. Together they create a tense and dense, conversational interplay, with brief playful segments but with no attempt to offer coherent narratives. But there is patient development in this meeting. Slowly, the interactions deepen and widen and there are times that Dörner and Grom sound as a two-headed sonic entity, determined to break through its own course and its very expressive vocabularies. The D part of the «Confined Moment»(s) is the challenging and adventurous one, suggesting a surrealist, colorful soundscape with many sudden detours and surprising sonic delights.

Eyal Hareuveni 

Axel Dörner (tp), Tomaž Grom (b, freeze, prep. speaker)

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