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«States Of Being»

States of Being is the fourth album o the Danish quintet Bagland and, again, this band further develops its Nordic jazz sound, now integrated with electronic audio sources – synthesizers, effect pedals, electric bass and taps. Still, Bagland keeps its own gentle and spacious, almost chamber and clearly lyrical sound, but layering it with subtle electronics.

States of Being was recorded at FinlandStudio near Aarhus, where Bagland first convened. The compositions were penned by the five musicians –  drummer Frej Lesner contributed four pieces, synth player (and Jaeger Community Music label’s head) added three pieces, bassist Frederik Sakham, guitarist Alex Jønsson and trumpeter Jakob Sørensen contributed each one another composition. Bagland invited cellist Josefine Opsahl and violinist Anna Jalving to expand its sonic palette.

This album, according to Bagland, expresses the different states of us as humans, whether there are mental or physical. States of Being pays homage to our ability to meet across these different states, where new perspectives can emerge, and where our world suddenly takes on new colors in the face of the difference.

As on the previous albums of Bagland, Sørensen’s warm, serene and caressing trumpet sound, with subtle references to seminal trumpeters Tomasz Stańko and Palle Mikkelborg, as well as his gift to sketch beautiful, touching and lyrical melodies with only a few strokes is the essence of Bagland, Now, his dreamy trumpet voice is embraced and often challenged by the intriguing, vintage electronics layers and irregular rhythmic patterns., but still brings to mind real or imaginary images of desolate and open Nordic landscape and a touch of Nordic melancholia. The precise, sensual contributions of Opsahl and Jalving solidify the chamber dynamics of Bagland and the modest beauty of States of Being. The last piece, Jønsson’s ballad «Daydreams», is the most beautiful one here, and stresses the immediate and profound affinity Sørensen and Jønsson have established throughout the years.

Eyal Hareuveni

Jakob Sørensen (tp), Alex Jønsson (g, pedal steel), Mathias Jæger (synth), Frederik Sakham (b), Frej Lesner (dr), Josefine Opsahl (c), Anna Jalving (vio)

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