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«Do Less More Often»

BED is the experimental duo of Chicago-based Michael Hartman, known from local bands as TV Pow and Television Power Electric, and Berlin-based Boris Hauf, known from bands as efzeg and The Peeled Eye. Hartman and Hauf recorded in 2003 their album, «You’re Gonna Need Someone In Your Bed» (BOXmedia), but during the lockdown forced by the coronavirus pandemic they decided that we all need more than someone in our beds.

«Do Less More Often» address in its subtle and modest manner the most crucial issues of the Western consumer culture and asks to find a path through the mundaneness of the day-to-day to create purpose and meaning, even at times of personal and collective anxiety and distress. The six pieces are layered and seductive, vintage synth drones, often disturbed by delicate pulses, pounding dance beats, and harsh, raw noises, as a reflection of our nowadays arbitrary daily soundtracks. But «Do Less More Often» also suggest a hopeful course, and as these times may be dark ones, lighter days will follow. Hartman and Hauf prove that there are ways to stay connected across distance, time, and the coronavirus pandemic clutter. The optimism of family and friendship will eventually prevail against the cynicism of the oligarchy.

As on other projects of Hauf’s Shameless Rocks label, part of the proceeds will be donated to local NGO’s. «Do Less More Often» is released with an environmentally friendly, sweat-shop, and child labor free T-shirt design by Julian Lars Gosper. All proceeds from the t-shirt sales will be donated to The Greater Chicago Food Depository and Berliner Tafel e.V. to help feed people during these strange times.

Eyal Hareuveni

Michael Hartman (synth, field rec, p, dr), Boris Hauf (synth, field rec, p, dr)

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