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«Resonating Spaces»

Sax players Camila Nebbia (tenor) and David Bennet (alto) met in Stockholm in 2021 while they were studying there and soon began to play together. «Resonating Spaces» is the outcome of this meeting, a saxophone duo where Nebbia and Bennet interact freely and playfully and their gongs reverberations. Nebbia, now based in Hamburg, Germany, and Bennet, still based in Stockholm, share a deep interest in sound and texture mostly found in free improvisation projects.

American quartertone electric guitarist-composer Killick Hinds mixed and mastered «Resonating Spaces» at in his H(i)nds(i)ght Studio in Athens, Georgie calls this set of five duets a «fitting parallel to the world we once knew and what is becoming, what has been revealed». Nebbia and Bennet establish an immediate affinity already on the opening, aptly-titled piece «Närhet» (proximity in Swedish), but soon move from the instant ‘in’ melodic veins of this piece to the intense ‘out’ raw and tough collisions of the following «Drift».

«Desde Lejos» (from a distance in Spanish) employs Nebbia and Bennet’s personal extended breathing techniques, including multiphonics, and alternates between an ethereal and contemplative interplay to a sharp and powerful one, accentuated as a mysterious ritual by the gongs’ sounds. «Randomness» highlights the intimate and emphatic conversational dynamics of Nebbia and Bennet who keep sharing urgent ideas, enigmatic secrets and meditative puzzles, until they become one sonic entity. The last, minimalist and contemplative piece «Temporary Entanglement» stresses the ritualist dimension of this meeting as well as the rich and imaginative languages of the resourceful Nebbia and Bennet.

Eyal Hareuveni

Camila Nebbia (ts, gongs), David Bennet (as, gongs)

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