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The septet Carate Urio Orchestra continues to trick any listener who is genre-bound with its wide-open, inclusive vision. The fourth album of CUO is a four songs vinyl titled «Garlic&Jazz». It offers an exotic and spicy edition of experimental soundscapes and fiery improvisations blended organically with arty songs that highlight the songwriting qualities of the septet musicians.

The CUO features an international cast of forward-thinking musicians – Belgian reeds player-vocalist Joachim Badenhorst, French, Zürich-based viola player Frantz Loriot, German, New York-based double bass player Pascal Niggenkemper (all three comprise the trio Baloni), Belgian, Denmark-based bass player Brice Soniano, Irish drummer-guitarist Seán Carpio, Catalan guitarist Nico Ruig and American trombonist Sam Kulik.

The first side, «Mosselman/The Salt Of Deformation», presents Badenhorst abstraction-deconstruction-reimagination of the Dutch children’s song «Zeg ken jij de Mosselman?» («Say you know the musselman?»). This song is realized now as a disturbing, haunting cinematic drone, still, its lyrical, contemplative spirit Badenhorst vocals only emphasizes this song fragile, touching impact, reaching a cathartic climax on «The Salt Of Deformation».

Kulik voice is much expressive and suggestive and he knows how to deliver a dramatic story. His sobering ballad «Portsmouth, 1783» reflects on the mutiny of the British «invalid» 41st Regiment of Foot, known as the Battle of Portsmouth from 1783, from a point a view of a young, innocent soldier. Soniano’s «On est Un» («One is One») begins with a similar chamber atmosphere of the previous song, but soon the West-African-tinged guitars cement a hypnotic pulse that spirals this song into a futurist, chamber-free jazz stew spiced with elements if the Tuareg Saharan group Tinariwen.

Well done. Very delicious.

Eyal Hareuveni

Joachim Badenhorst: (cl, s, keys, v),Sam Kulik: trombone (g, v), Brice Soniano (b, v), Seán Carpio (dr, g, v), Nico Roig ( g, v), Frantz Loriot (viola, v), Pascal Niggenkemper (b, v)

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