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«The Dictator»

The Dictator is a thrilling and quite unsettling collaboration between violinist-violist-multiinstrumentalist Catherine Graindorge and the ever-iconic Iggi Pop, warning of the dark fascination of authoritarian rulers. Graindorge, who collaborated before with Nick Cave, John Parish, and Mark Lanegan as well as her work as part of the psychedelic post-rock band Nile on waX, wrote the music for this EP. Pop lent his voice and suggested the theme of this collaboration.

Graindorge contacted ted Pop’s producer after Pop played her music on his BBC 6 Music show. Pop responded immediately and said that he would love to work with her. She sent him three rock-tinged, improvised pieces, and Pop was inspired to write the lyrics for the title song, months before Russia invaded Ukraine. Graindrope expanded Pop’s lyrical vision of a world increasingly mired in mud in the following pieces.

Pop’s weary, totemic recitation and his emotional delivery, close to exhaustion but struggling to find some salvation and peace, charge this EP with hypnotizing, but liberating power. His iconic voice, so recognized with a fearless wish for freedom and a determined refusal to surrender to common conventions, resonates perfectly with the anti-authoritarian message of The Dictator, so relevant to our times. Graindorge accompanies him with backing vocals and atmospheric layers of processed violin, viola and electronics. The last piece, «Iggi», is Graindorge’s homage to the vocalist she admires, deepening the unsettling theme of this inspiring collaboration.

Eyal Hareuveni

Catherine Graindorge (vio, viola, v, elec), Iggi Pop (v)

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