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«Hymnes à l’Amour»
ONJ, JF009

French sax player Christophe Monniot, member of the acclaimed National Jazz Orchestra (ONJ), enjoys exploring different facets of music. His duo with former member of ONJ, Basque accordionist Didier Ithursarry focuses on real and imaginary folk songs, chamber jazz and traditional dances. Monniot and Ithursarry have played together before, including in a trio with viola player Guillaume Roy, but their «Hymnes à l’Amour» duo was formed in 2016 and its debut album was recorded on May 2017.

The emphatic, conversational atmosphere of «Hymnes à l’Amour» stresses the natural, emotional interplay of Monniot and Ithursarry. Like a lively conversation between good, old friends, the topics change constantly and move freely between colorful and lush topics-genres. The duo highlights its flair for ironic-dramatic tunes as Monniot’s «Biguine pour sushi», shares their love for fanciful lyricism on the following, Monniot’s «Soso», that quotes briefly the theme of George Gershwin’s classic «Summertime», and celebrates the nostalgic, passionate pasodoble of Spanish composer Pascual Marquina Narro, «España cañi».

Later on duo also explores a contemporary, minimalist soundscape on Monniot’s «Nadir’s», hops into another fiery dance on Ithursarry’s «Est» and suggest a beautiful, lyrical interpretation of Duke Ellington’s iconic «Sophisticated Lady». The openly emotional cover of French, Italian-born accordionist Tony Murena’s popular «Passion» offers more sophisticated dance moves. Monniot and Ithursarry conclude with a real hymn, a contemplative version of the traditional «Il est un fleuve», echoing, again, their deep affection for all popular and traditional genres.

You can apply Jacques Brel’s immortal observation to the «Hymnes à l’Amour» tunes (although, Brel was referring to songs): «It doesn’t have to be a waltz for you to dance to it …»

«I’t have to be a waltz for you to dance to it …»

Eyal Hareuveni

Christophe Monniot (sopranino & as); Didier Ithursarry (acc)

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