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«Within Reach of Eventuality»

«Within Reach of Eventuality» is the debut album of the Swedish duo of alto sax player David Bennet and double bass player Vilhelm Bromander and follows a semi-open score by Bennet that melds conventional and graphic notation. This four-part suite offers fragile and ethereal, sound-oriented textures that explore non-pitched sounds, harmony, microtonality, beatings and intense and quiet pauses, all performed in a methodical and highly nuanced manner.

Peter Margasak, who wrote the liner notes, stresses the duo’s challenging approach that carves out exquisite and elusive long tones, eventually also surprisingly dramatic tones, accompanied by passages of still silences, and often triggering a magical psychoacoustic phenomenon. It is music that invites the listener to be lost in its unique aural experience and elusive sonic environment and to surrender to the notion that the listener does not need to know exactly what’s happening or to trace how it proceeds.

This almost static phenomenon offers a seductive sensibility of being out of time or in a dream state of mind. It creates a sonic haven for a quiet reflection and meditation, in which we may allow our ears to sharpen their recalibration to these resonant and suggestive drone pieces while resetting ourselves to what we’ve heard and what comes next.

Eyal Hareuveni

David Bennet (as), Vilhelm Bromander (b)


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