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«Current Obsession Vol. 1»

Cuban-american and Brooklyn-based alto sax player David Leon focuses on exploration of nuance: in timbre by creatively manipulating saxophone technique, in pitch by tampering with equal temperament and employing microtonality, and in texture through creative chamber orchestration and improvisation. «Current Obsession Vol. 1» explorers these dimensions in an intimate, free-improvising trio, featuring Leon on the left channel, adding to his arsenal piccolo, game calls and homemade instruments; fellow alto sax player Chris Pitsiokos, known as the leader of the CP Unit on the right channel; and guitarist Asher Kurtz, known from the alternative group Iris Lune and the band of drummer Terri Lyne Carrington, in the center.

«Current Obsession Vol. 1» was recorded at Lethe Lounge on February, 2019. The four pieces, all titled as «Fixation», do explore a conversational interplay, with a strong obsession on nuances of weird sounds, surprising sonic events and radical and cryptic dynamics. This trio deliberately avoids any clear narrative, harmonious development or rhythmic pattern and obviously, any genre or style conventions that may suggest the course of each piece, but succeeds to provide its own rationale. The extended breathing techniques of Leon and Pitsiokos with the effects of Kurtz charge these piece with additional experimental, alien sounds, but occasionally a sudden, game-like interplay or lyrical undercurrent surface as on the short «Fixation 2». Still, despite the chaotic essence of this meeting, Leon, Pitsiokos and Kurtz manage to maintain tension and interest due to their sense of playfulness and impressive resourcefulness.

Eyal Hareuveni

David Leon (as, piccolo, game calls, homemade instruments), Asher Kurtz (g), Chris Pitsiokos (as)

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